Cell service not fully working

  • 11 May 2022
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Hi.  My daughter’s cell service has been sporadic at best for the past several weeks.  It works perfectly fine on wi-fi...all of her phone settings are correct...but if she is on cell only, certain apps won’t work - Snapchat, Instagram, Life360.  However calls, texts, Find My Phone all work.  If I switch out my sim card with hers...then her phone works perfectly fine and mine has the problem.,,,so I know it’s not her phone.  We thought at that point maybe she had a bad sim card, so we got a new one from TMobile.  Nope, still doesn’t work.  I have called TMobile techs several times and the best answer they can give me is to “turn off wi-fi”.  I am almost to the point where I want to delete her line off of our plan, and then start a whole new one.  Has anyone else run into something like this??

1 reply

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it could also be the tray area that the sim card goes into creating the might opt to have the phone looked at. i dont think this is it seeing as how when you switched out sim cards it started working fine..i think its still the sim card and maybe theyre needing to do something on the TMO side for that new sim card to start working.