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  • 14 October 2020
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Do I need a cell spot if I am showing 5 bars at home on my phone?

I have had poor at best service since switching to T-Mobile.

4 replies

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which phone do you have. are you connecting to 5G? 4G?


HI, I have  Galaxy A10e with 4 g lte. I also have T mobile tower a few blocks

from my house.

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What part of your service is “poor”: speed? Sound quality? Are you located in a big city or rural area.


We signed emergency calls only,up with T-Mobile in Feb. Since then on just about a daily basis

things like,  no connection, no service, can’t find any available network, need a pass code and 

multiple same text messages the highest was 33 times in a row. Oh also multiple dropped calls. Do I really need a cell spot with 5 bars on the phone and a tower I can see out my back door? Do I need

a new phone or a better service provider?