Cellspot incompatible with Spectrum (Charter, Brighthouse, TW)

After two years my cellspot would not sync. I returned it and was sent another V.1 although I requested a V.2. I spoke with a tech advisor at T-Mobile last night and he confirmed that Spectrum Cable and similar companies have been doing digital upgrades across the country rendering existing Cellspots incompatible. I was told that they are awaiting parameters from the Spectrum so that the cellspots can work again.


The Tech advisor said it was possible that it would sync after a few days if I left it on and didn't reset anything on the modem, router or cellspot.

Anyone else having this problem ?

When returning a cellspot, the instructions indicate you can send it back via a UPS shipping label or to a T-Mobile store. The latter was not possible as this was tried yesterday. Apparently they cannot input a device that did not come from their store since they did not have a code for the main warehouse and could not get one from customer service.


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Setting up 4G LTE Cellspot

Someone else was having problems.

This is interesting.  I don't understand digital upgrades are causing problems... unless these cable companies are trying to be cheap and run their cabletv over their routers (which sounds both like a great idea and horrible idea)

I just called t-mobile because that is my issue this morning. My Cellspot is back to the blinking power and blinking amber internet lights w a solid green GPS.   they Just told me same thing about the digital upgrades and blah blah w Spectrum.   So now starts the forever waiting game of days n days of annoying blinking lights and no Cellphone calling from my house.  Thank goodness for WiFi calling on the iPhone.

I too had my Cellspot replaced recently and asked for V2 but was resent V1.   It worked until now.  But it did take 20 hours to initialize.

Well who who knows what the deal is with Spectrum as it seems the PSC has ruled to throw them out of New York for failure to meet their obligations.   My service has been fine though other than the Cellspot issues.

PS:  As far as returning the Cellspot to the T-Mobile store, that didn't work for me because I didn't get in a store.  So, UPS was the only way to return it.

I am also having the same problem with very little help from t mobile support.  They did not have any explanation but said they would get back to me in 72 hours.  The first thing they said was that my asus t mobile router was not compatible with the cellspot.  However it has been working fine until we had a power outage few days ago. We have spectrum and the cell spot continues to blink green and yellow meaning that it cannot get to the mother ship.

This is very frustrating. I have Spectrum as well. I just switched to T-Mobile 4 days ago - not getting good service in my house and requested a CellSpot. They just sent it to me today and I'm having the same issues. Everyone is being told just to leave it on and wait until it's possibly fixed?

So, I'm on Day 2 and counting.  This is the longest re-initalization so far.  Spoke to tech support last night.  I was told until the Internet light turns green, not much to do but let it go, which I already know.  Once that internet light turns solid green, they said it can take up to another 4 days, which I doubt.  For me, once that internet light turned green, within 2 hours, all lights were green.   Just trying to be patient.  But whatever anyone does, don't restart anything because that will only start you at Day One again!   I learned that lesson on previous occasions, the last being power failure to the device, and I kept rebooting everything.  Big mistake.

Well, right after I posted above, lo and behold, my Cellspot is working!   So, like I said, let it go and just be patient!  Don't reboot anything.  Took a few hours longer than the usual 20.....happy to have the service back!  

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Hey Everyone!

It sounds like waiting a little longer for the initial set-up may have done the trick. Is anyone else still having issues with getting their CellSpot to work?

Still 2 blinking lights in Rochester NY with Spectrum.

Mine connected a day later.

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Quite a while back some AT&T DSL customers were having an issue with Wi-Fi calling that wouldn't work (this was when TMO was the only one with Wi-Fi calling) turns out that it was a DNS issue and I am sure AT&T would play stupid and say it wasn't us but as soon as folks would sign up for a separate DNS service like OpenDNS which is free (and does't hold any biases) the problem when away and it worked fine. 

Curious if anyone just starting and is having issues it they try non TW/Charter DNS service.  Just a thought.   I had sites a long time ago that would have issues and switched to OpenDNS and have never looked back.

I also have Spectrum as ISP and my download speed dropped from 120 Mb to 20 Mb. What happened? Any suggestion to fix it?

I was told the same thing about it taking 4 days in most cases to link with Spectrum because of them updating their system. I called back yesterday which was my 4th day with no luck. The Rep told me this time that in most cases its 4 days but he has seen it take as long as 8. Well today # 5 and it is up and running. Just wait and be patient is the key I guess.

I have a new Cellspot which has yet to be activated for the first time over my Spectrum internet connection. I'm going on 2 weeks without it functioning. Here are some questions for T-Mobile support:

1. What is the real issue? It looks like Spectrum triggered it with their upgrade. But, every other internet connected device never had any issue at all. Can T-Mobile / Nokia issue a FW update to fix the compatibility issue?

2. Is the process different for the first time a Cellspot activates compared to unplugging one that has been working?

3. Once activated, what should I expect if we have a power outage or internet outage? Another 4 - 8 days of blinking lights, or 2 hours?

Thanks in advance.

Oh well, I was rolling along here so good......until lightning struck and blew out everything.   So yeah I’m back at the beginning.   Except maybe worse.   I can’t believe it will be days and days and days again, if ever.

Just so you know I just got my cellspot up and running yesterday after waiting 5 days for it to sync with Spectrum. Well as we would have it the storm yesterday knocked out the power. Figured I would have to wait 4 days or longer for it to come back up but it took about 12 hours so not so bad.

Read my post below. Good luck.

Well it took me 30 hours to re-initialize it due to power failure. And now

I’ll be at it again! We had a severe thunderstorm with power outage. And

so here I go again! The wait. Yes 4-8 days is what I hear with

Spectrum. I have Spectrum. So I’m getting used to its issues with

T-mobile. Supposedly they are being booted out of NY. Hope not. I have no


Well, I got lucky too!  The storm knocked out all my power, which of course came back in a few minutes,but knocked out the Cellspot.  I also lost phone service even though my UbeeDVW32CB  has the backup battery installed, which didn't work.  With no Cellspot and no wifi calling now, I had no phones at all.  (Silence is wonderful sometimes!)

Took 4 hours for the  Cellspot to come back.  My rebooted my Ubee and my Apple Time Capsule router, as a last resort, but somehow that kicked it all back into gear, even though Spectrum rebooted the modem themselves a few hours prior.

I think I am going to now connect that Time Capsule with the Cellspot to an APC UPS Backup battery, as I do my computers so that if power goes it, the battery will kick in for about 30 minutes.

Finally activated and working !!

Mine is activated but I don't get the speed of 120 Mbps I used to get now.

On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 8:13 AM, magenta5687381 <>

I ran 5 different speed tests and Im averaging 117

Same question here.  Anyone use those"window unit boosters". Maybe take the internet out of the equation.  Idk I can't believe this should take 4 days to sync that doesn't make any sense.  Everything else in my house is working properly.  I actually had a solid green internet light but talking to chat they said after 3 hours to reboot.  So I'm back at square1.  Other problem, I have 3 of these devices to set up all 3 houses have spectrum. Is there any resolution on the fix.  I just switched 3 weeks ago (6 lines from att) I thought this thing would solve my issues but seems to just be causing more issues. 

I had asked the support team the same thing about the window boosters. I was told it won’t make that much difference since my signal is so poor to start with.  I have basically zero bars to one bar at most. Usually it’s no service at all.  I keep WiFi calling on now.  At least that works as long as I have WiFI working from Spectrum.  When the storm knocked that out too, I had nothing. 

Not sure why Spectrum and T-mobile seem to have this compatibility issue.  I never had this issue with AT&T. 

Maybe that reboot will help speed connection to the Cellspot.

I was told not to reboot but yes that it would take up to 4-8 days to activate.  Ridiculous.  

Syncing should get better shortly. Spectrum just finished going all digital

fiber as of yesterday. So now they can work on the syncing problems they

were having with Tmobile. Just be patient. Set it up and leave it do its

thing. Once up and running its fantastic.

What do you mean all digital. They did an all digital in my area (Albany) back in April.  However there internet has always been digital so the all digital channel changes shouldn't effect their internet service. If anything it opened up more room on their Network to allow for faster speeds.  Not trying to argue it, just trying to make sense as to what is going on.  I have all kinds of internet connected devices and nothing else is having an issue