Cellspot Router Firmware Update

Like everyone who got a Cell spot router from T-Mobile we received a couple of updates and that was it!!!

every time I check it says up to date then for quite a while it said it can't connect to Asus server and when I go to the Asus support website the only thing related to this router is nothing but a greyed photo???? Well I am sure everyone has been dealing with the

same mess, then guess what the VPN feature in this router stopped as well since it works through the Asus Server, anyways

in a different thread someone from the T-Force mentioned that they are working on an update but no time frame Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

for a certain reason i decided to call T-Mobile today to find out about it, I spent probably 2 hours between several people at T-Mobile and I got transferred twice to Asus where I believe the Guy is in a calling center in India laying in bed covered by a comforter i was barely hearing him when I told him I can't hear ya it seems he brought his head out and said is it better?? I said yeah well he wasn't much of a help nor he's aware of the product, well  after listening to me  he took my information and gave me a case number that I ignored and said I will transfer you to the right department after informing me with the working hours. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez  i told him will be anybody there to answer me? he said I will transfer you anyway , I said ok well of course nobody answered but i got a survey where I gave them the lowest numbers in every question and hung up.

Now when I got home I checked the sweet cell spot router and it seems it updated while I was away?? and it doesn't give the boring message of can't connect to Asus server and the VPN started working again, I can't remember the last firmware version I had but I believe it ended with 3108 !!!! the one I have now is

Well I am sure everyone having this router was experiencing similar issues may be you guys can check and find out if you get a firmware update or it's me hallucinating !!

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Noticed the same thing this morning.  Looking at the log, it apparently automatically updated 6/4 at 7:57am or so.

Mine is now showing (since 2016-06-04 that it got the update by itself, It was

I have had my Cellspot for about two years, and have never seen it do any updates until recently, On Dec 31, 2017 it automatically updated to version

I have no idea what was actually updated.  Hope this helps.

Probably just security fixes and stability improvements.