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  • 27 June 2020
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I am losing internet connectivity everyday between the hours of 10am and 6:30 pm PST. All other hours my internet connection is fine in my house. Between those hours, I have to go stand in the street. I cannot make calls or sent texts or emails. This started happening on Tuesday when I arrived home.

I've never had connectivity problems in my house before. The bar at the to shows LTE and at least 3 bars but no service when this happens and I have service away from my home. (This is on a Google pixel LG)

Anybody have any idea what's going on? Are there just too many people on the mobile network?

1 reply

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You’ve done a lot of great troubleshooting to narrow it down. As long as you don’t have any apps to automatically enable airplane mode or something, I’d be leaning towards it being something going on with the tower. I don’t think it’s too many people though, usually you’d still have signal but internet would slow down or stop. The only other thing I could think to recommend is to test with another device if that’s available. Otherwise, you’ll want to contact us so we can check a few things on our side and escalate to our network guys if everything looks OK. If you can contact us over Facebook / Twitter or through the T-Mobile app when it’s actually happening, that would be even better.

To try and get some connection right now, do you have a home internet connection with Wi-Fi? Most of our devices can connect to T-Mobile over the internet so you can call and text.