Connection Problem - Very frustrating

Recently switched to Tmobile. I have been experiencing 2 dropped calls minimum a day. Yesterday, I was on a business call and the call dropped. I call the customer service and all they offer is a booster. I switched with the BOGO offer so really don't know what my options are. Very frustrating experience. I call my wife everyday during commute and call drops without fail.

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What phone are you using and where are the calls dropping (where geographically)?

You may find that T-Mobile is more prone to dropping calls that other carriers. This is due to several factors, including the lack of low-band licenses in many areas and heavy reliance on VoLTE.

Initially, I thought the calls were dropping from my home and then my wife office. Tmobile offered to send boosters for 2 locations. But, just this week I realized calls are dropping from several locations geographically. Mine is Iphone X and my wife is Iphone 8 Plus. We call each other and call drops consistently.

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I was trying to get a location (e.g. a Zip Code). The iPhones are not noted for having the best reception. If you are using WiFi Calling you pretty much have to stay in one spot and have a strong WiFi signal.

Zipcodes where we are having most trouble are 94158 and 95020

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In S.F. the problem could be network congestion. Not so sure about Gilroy. Does it happen when you are standing still or moving, as in a car or train?

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drnewcomb2 asked some great questions about when you're having the trouble. Please let give us a reply and let us know more details.

Replying to the email to have you trouble shoot the issue. Same issue yesterday. I was driving from SF to San Jose. Was in a phone and call drops. It was an important call.

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That's probably a byproduct of T-Mobile's heavy reliance on VoLTE.

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While driving you're connection is going from tower to tower so it's possible to drop calls. Sorry to hear that was an important one. If it's continuing to happen in a specific area, we can have our engineers look into it with a Service Complaint.

Really? I have been ATT Customer/Verizon for the past 10-12 years. 1 or 2 dropped calls for all those years.

I switched to Tmobile and experience 1 or 2 dropped calls EVERY day.

Really feel helpless here because I bought the second phone using the Tmobile BOGO which forces me now to pay the full phone off to switch to another carrier. I have to come up with $999 (iphone 😵 that I didn't expect to spend.

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We don't want you to feel helpless. Are both phones having dropped calls in the same area? As I mentioned, we can have our Tech Care folks file a Service Complaint for areas where you're having dropped calls. I want you to be aware of some factors that can contribute to dropped calls and moving between towers is one of a few things that can cause that to happen.

Both phones have dropped calls in multiple areas. Tech folks were engaged for couple of areas and they sent me the booster. But, I am experiencing call drops consistently in several places. If you have tech folks how know how to solve, please have them call me asap. Tmobile also sent me new SIM cards as they thought that might solve the issue. poped them in last night. As of this, I still experience dropped call while on phone with my wife (Calling from SF to Gilroy)

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The replacement SIMs are a placebo that they pass out to get the customers off the line. No one has ever been able to explain what a new SIM would do for a phone that is otherwise registering on the network.

Hey, @magenta5363676​!

After reading over your thread, I'd like to see if turning off LTE improves the dropped calls for both you and your wife. Follow these steps to switch to turn off LTE:

  1. From any Home screen, tap Settings > Cellular or Cellular Data > Cellular Data Options.
  2. Follow the steps below depending on your device:
    • iPhone 6 or later: Tap Enable LTE and choose from the following:
      • Off
      • Voice & Data (for VoLTE)
      • Data Only

Please let me know if you see any improvement in dropped calls in the two zip codes you previously provided.

Hey @magenta5363676​!

Were you able to try out the steps I posted a few days ago? If so, please get back to us with the outcome. 😊

I went to apply and replaced phones. So far, the phone connection problem

between my work and my wife's work location still exists.

As far as the Data only settings, that is how it was set previously.

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A booster is designed to help with signal in specific areas. (Particularly in buildings) Has Tech mentioned fillin service complaints for those locations?