consistent dropped calls and network issues

  • 18 October 2018
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I have an older One Plus One phone. I have started to have consistent dropped calls and network issues. Issues like

  • People call and the phone does not ring, it goes to voicemail
  • Dropped calls to the point where I have to use the phone mostly at home standing on one leg with a wire antenna
  • Network ghosting on me when I am sitting still in a parking lot, going from LTE prior to call to H during call and back
  • Calls that never connect due to network issues, seems like calls should still connect on H and E networks but they just drop


Any thoughts?


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5 replies

Where are you located and what Android version is your 1+1 running?

This phone has a few obvious issues. The only LTE band it lists that T-Mobile uses is band 4. Also, when it was introduced, I don't believe it had VoLTE. This makes it reliant on UMTS bands 2 & 4 and GSM for voice calls. In many markets T-Mobile has reduced GSM to almost nothing and UMTS to only 5x5 on either band 2 or 4.

I am located in a very well covered area in NC. My phone runs Android, 6.0.1. Would you suggest switching bands?

In theory, using all available bands should work best. I'm not sure what's going on. T-Mobile lacks band-12 in about 3/4 of NC, so I'm not exactly sure what difference your phone's not having band-12 would make. Have you noticed if your phone stays on LTE when you're in a call or does it switch to G or H?

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Just checking to see how things are going here? Did you get a chance to see @drnewcomb2​'s latest reply? Is this happening in specific areas? 

If you're still having the problem, I'd suggest some trouble shooting. It sounds like your phone isn't getting a strong signal. Even if you're in a good location (near a cell tower) you might have things interfering with the signals. This could range from buildings, trees, or electronic devices nearby weakening or even blocking the signal. Keep in mind that cell phone problems can be counterintuitive. You might be in an area you think is great for signals (downtown as opposed to out in the country), but you could have many things affecting your signal.