Continuing Outages and Disconnects

  • 17 July 2021
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Home located in 70634. Have for the last 8 months had continuing outages lasting from 5 minutes to one lasting 18 hours. Cell service completely drops and Tmobile has NO Service.

Devices now suffering almost constant data disconnects. If the phone is left inactive for more than a few minutes we get an X on the LTE icon. Only way to re-establish service is to reboot, or manually select another service provider then switch back to Tmobile, then the phone will reconnect.

Have had Tmobile for 5 years, have Tmobile home internet, which up until recently was much more reliable than our phones. We have 5 phones in the household and all are experiencing issues. Different phones, different brands, common thread is location and Tmobile service.

Am just about done with Tmobile. Knew the Sprint merger would cause issues with moving service around to different towers, but did not anticipate the horrible service we have. I travel a lot and use Tmobile in a lot of other places with excellent service. But service here is almost unusable.

2 replies

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you will need to contact TMO either through call, Facebook or Twitter..the site here is peer to peer with some TMO moderation only.

What does error 7 mean on top of home internet device supplied by T- Mobile? When our internet drops/quits/or whatever this is the code on top. After powering off/on it sometimes comes back on quick , other times it takes 23 minutes to get service back.