• 10 July 2020
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Super slow internet speed with almost full LTE signal.

this is taken at Concord CA open parking lot. No buildings obstructions. 
creating this question on forum took me 35 minutes because my speed is super slow as you will see in the pictures.


im using iPhone XS with almost full battery and LTE signal almost full too. Also for reference purposes that it’s not my phone having problem, I have my wife and daughter with Tmobile with me in the car and did the speed test after one another and same result(s)

1 reply

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Given a good signal does not necessarily mean top speed. It sounds like there may be some congestion in the area or even possibly Network upgrades. I say this because depending upon whether or not any of those tourist attractions in the area are open for business at this time of a pandemic, there could be a lot of users on the network in that vicinity and on that Tower.

Otherwise I can speak from experience that even where I get excellent, over 100 megabits per second download where I am, at certain parts of the day it does almost cut in half.

Also there's been a lot of network upgrades around where even at night my speeds are limited because of work being done in the area to expand 5G coverage.


If you typically get great speeds in that location but you aren't right now one or the other might possibly be the cause.