Coverage and Calling problems when not connected to wifi

  • 12 January 2022
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A few weeks ago my LG Velvet started having problems. First, my phone cannot take or receive calls when not connected to wifi. Even with wifi, it often drops the call.

Second, I have trouble connecting to 5G when driving. At first I thought maybe I had used all my data for that month but I just began a new cycle and it’s the same problem. The only way to listen to podcasts on my phone is to begin it when I’m still connected to wifi than continue listening in my car. If I try to change the podcast during my commute, it says it cannot connect. This is the same commute I have been taking every day for the last several years, so I doubt coverage is a problem.

3 replies

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sim card might be having can remove it..clean it ..then put it back in..or hit up a TMO store and see if they have a replacement sim.


Stopped by a store. They reset the factory settings and replaced the sim card. Said to give it a few hours and if I still have problems to call 611. Two days later I have the same problems but I can’t call 611 because my phone keeps dropping the call, even when connected to wifi and with the wifi calling option selected.

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bypass calling in..if you are able to contact TMO through either Facebook or Twitter..quickest way is at the bottom of this page and click on the FB or Twitter symbol and it’ll take you right  there..


calling in lands you with tier 1 support


FB/Twitter route lands you with tier 2 support instead..



the LG Velvet was purchased from TMO or another carrier/direct from the OEM or from a 3rd party vendor?