Coverage around Huntington, WV

  • 20 November 2018
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The coverage has improved a lot but it seems to be all mid-band, and so inside buildings and off the highways it's still pretty rough... are there plans to expand to new towers and/or add low-band spectrum in the near future?


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I did see that Charleston WV is one of the locations where the 600Mhz spectrum cleared early (the TV station already moved), will 600Mhz spectrum be added soon by T-Mobile?

WLPX-TV in Charleston is supposed to be transmitting on channel 39, which restricts the downlink of blocks A-C. However, T-Mobile holds blocks B-E and could probably deploy 10x10 MHz LTE on blocks D & E, with no problem. OTHO, I have no reason to believe that they are in any big rush to do so.

600 MHz spectrum - Spectrum Gateway

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T-Mobile has slowly started working their way up through south West Virginia.  Blacksburg came a little late but the service there wasn't bad either.  With the Sprint merger, covering Sprint's ancient network is probably a priority so that can be shut down within a year or so once the FCC sifns off on it.

Personally, I appreciate the coverage improving greatly across rural West Virginia.  Wireless home internet and great rural coverage will earn T-Mobile a lot of business in those areas.

Is USCC roaming working now in parts of WV?

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I'm not sure.  My device usually roams on to AT&T, but I haven't been in the Beckley area since the end of July.  When I came down through the state back in May, I didn't notice any roaming on US Cellular. 

Is data usable on AT&T roaming?

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Sometimes.  AT&T's network coverage in southern WV is a joke!  I could make calls in Itmann, WV but no data.  I had data and calling in Mullens, WV.  The more rural the route, the more hit and miss.  Beckley, WV has better coverage on T-Mobile compared to AT&T.  Service for me in New River Gorge was good enough to quickly text some good pictures to my grandparents up in Canada,

My girlfriend used to be with AT&T until she saw my S9 Plus on T-Mobile work in many places she had no service on AT&T.  To prove the point more, we swapped the SIM's into each others phones and I still had service on T-Mobile with her Nexus 6P where she didn't with her AT&T SIM in my S9 Plus.

There are Sprint stores in Beckley and Princeton, which I hope will eventually become T-Mobile stores.  T-Mobile has no stores in most of southern rural West Virginia but their coverage is better than companies that do advertise and service that area.

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Not seeing any immediate plans for 600 or 700 in that area at this time but that is not to say that it won't happen in the future.


The downlink of blocks A-C is restricted because WLPX-TV in Charleston is expected to be broadcasting on channel 39. T-Mobile, on the other hand, owns blocks B-E and could easily build 10x10 MHz LTE on blocks D and E. See, there's no reason for me to assume they're in any hurry to do so.