coverage in zip 01864

  • 2 August 2020
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Hi.  I’m hoping to get a T-Mobile engineer to give me an answer.    My brother lives in 01864.   Fairly large town in mass.    One of the more populated states.  It’s about 20 minutes north of Boston.    He has and I have when I visit horrible cell reception.  We can’t even open a photo from a text chain.   Web pages won’t load at all.    I decide to do a field test.   The only band connecting or showing nearby was band 12.    Band 12 in my experience never worked for data connections.    I was wondering is there band 2 4 66 or 71 on cell towers in or around zip 01864?   If they are.   Are there any devices (Mobile hotspots) that would boost those frequencies when inside the house?   

2 replies

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Look on I see bands 2, 4, 12 & 66.

Check ou the exact location on CellMapper. Probably in a coverage hole.


Thanks.    I forgot about cell mapper.   It’s looks like there isn’t really any towers within 3 miles of his place.    And the only tower close has only band 12 and 66. I’m thinking that’s the problem at his place.   The few towers are miles away and I think 66 doesn’t quite reach his place.   I guess he is out of luck and probably switch.