Coverage problems after switching

So I recently switched my family over to T-Mobile from Verizon, we kept our Verizon phones and were told they would still work with T-Mobile network, now that we have switched over and we have the service, it’s horrible. Our phones always say no service and they always cut out on us and when we are at home we have to pretty much make WiFi calls. I’m really starting to regret switching over, do we need T-Mobile phones to be able to actually use the service or what? Really thinking of switching back if we aren’t ever going to have service .so do we need T-Mobile phones ? Or is there another option for coverage ?

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I switched from Verizon 1.5 months ago and have a Tmobile iphone.  Personally Tmobile has been very unreliable for me so I don't think your getting a new phone will do much. Coverage on their map does not translate to coverage in reality.  Their supposed "superfast" data is not that fast.  Even on their plus plan, it's slower than what I had with Verizon. Honestly I'm really considering going back to Verizon because of the service being so unreliable and spotty. I guess it really is like what they say... you get what you pay for.

Depending on the situation, we have a few options!

Are you having issues in area marked for good coverage in the area? Is there anywhere you receive good coverage, or do you seem to have an issue all over? Do you have a T-Mobile device you can test your SIM in?


We actually don’t get coverage in our area, they told us we did and we don’t . I feel like tmobile will tell you anything to switch over  so they can make money . we will not be Buying T-Mobile phones, we will most likely we switching back to Verizon .

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Oh no! Where specifically are you located and what kind of phones are you using? I would love to take a closer look at the coverage map.

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Just checking in here to see if you still had questions on this.

My phone is an iPhone 8 which was just purchase from T-Mobile in April 2018. I don’t have coverage in my San Diego home and didn’t realize that until the internet was out. I also have a area of my Phoenix home that loses reception completely as well... And since I travel between San Diego, CA and Phoenix AZ, I noticed there are large stretches on the I-8 freeway that has no service even though your coverage map shows it all LTE pink. The map is quite deceiving to say the least... I mean I don’t expect LTE service the whole way on the I-8 but no service at all for several miles stretches here and there is concerning. If there was an emergency, I’d like to at least be able to call out and with T-Mobile I wouldn’t be able to in those stretches of no service.

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We switched back to Verizon , thanks though

We ended up switching back to Verizon

Yeah we ended up switching back to verizon

Interesting.  We were told the same thing after they bought out our carrier.  Oh yeah no problem.  Well today there is a problem.  And now it is after the 20 days and they said they told us we would not have coverage.  They lied to sell us the plan and now they lie and say we are stuck with it.  I will be filing a complaint with the FCC on this if it is not resolved.

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@magenta5138438 - I am very sorry our service didn't work out for you! 😥

@magenta5147456​  - What is your ZIP code there in San Diego? I was looking at Interstate 8 from SD to PHX and there is coverage along that route but there are some pretty light areas 😥 Do you know where a bouts you were losing coverage? I noticed that the last 1/3 of the drive coming from SD was pretty sparse coverage wise.

@sandykli - We don't want you to feel stuck! Where specifically are you located?

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Hey there, @sandykli​! I just wanted to swing by to see if you've had a chance to look over Chris' reply. Let's take a look at what's going on in your area. Can you provide us with a zip code?

@magenta5147456​, we want you to enjoy your new iPhone. What's your zip code in San Diego? I can take a closer look at the towers that service your location and hopefully get you some answers or at least what steps you can take in order to have our Engineers investigate the lack of signal.



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Hey @sandykli 

I just took a look at 50611 and it looks like we have roaming coverage out there under iWireless. Are you unable to get signal at all in that ZIP code?

@magenta5147456 - Looking at 92130, we actually have some really great coverage there! Are you only unable to get signal within the walls of your home? What happens if you step directly outside?

I scanned networks and iwireless came up and now it's working ok.

I get reception in about 1/3 to half of my home and no service in the portion.

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Thanks for clarifying @magenta5147456​So this is definitely an issue with signal penetration and it sounded like you were already taking advantage of our Wi-Fi calling service which allows you to get signal inside your home via your Wi-Fi network but if you internet goes out, you will lose that coverage. We understand how important it is to have reliable signal in your home which is why we offer many types of in-home coverage solutions. If Wi-Fi calling is not working out for you due to inconsistent internet issues, we do have a signal booster device that you can place in your home that will take the signal that you do get in an area of your house and emit it to the rest of the house. In the half of your home that you do get coverage, is it at lease 1-2 bars of 3G or better signal?

No it says no service

Kim Lang

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I have to do a manual search network every time I reboot my phone in order to keep signal. This is getting alittle frustrating.

GSM coverage problems in Melbourne FL (32940). Really substandard

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@magenta5147456 - I know you said that you do get coverage in specific areas of your home, what kind of reception are you getting in these areas where you do?

@sandykli - I am super sorry about that. When the phone is rebooted, it is going to look for T-Mobile Signal first, and then connect to a roaming provider. If you phone is not connecting to iWireless automatically, we will need to alert our engineers. Please contact us when you have a moment so our tech teams can get a ticket opened up for you.

@beornborg​ - I just took a look at the coverage in that area and I do see that it is kind of sparse. Are you only having trouble getting signal while indoors or are you also unable to get signal while outside?

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Hey everyone.

Just popping in to see if folks have taken a look at Chris's last post. Please give us a reply back and let us know if you still need help. Thanks.

Just popping in again to see if the post from Chris was helpful!