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I just moved a business account from Verizon to T mobile after 15 years on Verizon. The coverage map on the show showed excellent coverage for our area and the pricing was better and considering our most current customer service issue, it seemed all good. Then wleft the store and the bars of coverage dropped to nothing from the store to my home. So the store forgot to program the AFN on the Android phone I have. Back to you he store but still no coverage. So now I have cellspot and good coverage inside my home but still no bars in this "excellent" coverage area. After buying sim sim s and porting 5 devices so far all I know is once we leave cell spot range we have nothing. So no GPS to locate our local customer houses, no way for my delivery people to call for help. Just a huge disappointment all around. Knowing what I've seen so far, I have never been happier...with my previous service. Strongly considering a stronger action as this is still only a few days into this mistake!! Any advice?

I have same issue. I believe I was misled by sales person. Phone service and customer service is terrible.

Same issues.  Sales person misled me. Phone service and customer service are extremely poor. I must switch back in order to have reliable phone service.

Same issues in North Carolina.  I have no service more than I have service.

Same issue.  I was misled. I am also filing complaint with FCC.

Having the exact same issues.  I believe i was misled.  I will file a complaint with the FCC.

I have the exact same problem and am having trouble getting any resolution from T-Mobile.   About to switch back to Verizon

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Hey @magenta7792328 and @summitx02

Sorry to hear you are having coverage issues 😥 Can you folks provide me with your zip codes and nearest major cross streets? Also, are either of you able to get better coverage in different areas around your home area?


I'm in 59718 - Bozeman Montana.   Service is great most of the time but I've found dead spots all over town.   I seem to find new ones every day.  Sadly, one of those spots is my office where I work!  I didn't notice at first because wifi kicks in and I can make and receive calls.   But, if I'm on a call when I drive up or when I leave, it drops and I can't get back on for a minute or so.

27712, but it happens throughout Durham, NC

Service is bad no matter where I go in my house. Always one bar or no service

According to the map, I live in an area that is supposed to get great coverage. Today, my son's school was trying to reach me, because my son had a bloody nose at school. It never occurred to me that I would have NO SERVICE for no reason. I missed several calls. I finally turned on airplane mode, and turned it back off again, and it picked up one bar. And 15 minutes later is says no service again.

T-Mobile sent me a text message survey. "Take our 2 minute survey!" Well, it took 30 minutes, because service kept cutting out and my responses wouldn't send. According to the map, I'm supposed to have great service. I seriously regret switching to T-Mobile. The bill is a lot cheaper, but the service sucks. There's no nice way to say it, I'm just gonna have to spend a lot more money and go back to Verizon. I've NEVER had this problem with them, and I'm even using the same phone. iPhone 7. I'm pretty annoyed. What good is unlimited everything, when you never have service to use it? This is dumb. Sort your map out so you look more honest.

I have the same phone, switched from Verizon and have the same issues with T-Mobile. Either I miss important calls or what should take a few seconds ends up taking several minutes. Sales person the coverage excellent at my address. When I zoom in on the map, it says that service is only fair and my not work inside. I feel like I was scammed by T-Mobile. We dropped our land line and when I have no service I am stranded in my own house!!! Thanks T-Mobile.

@magenta7792328 that does suck. I checked the map, and typed in the addresses of all the usual places I go. Almost everywhere says "Excellent Service" or "Good Service". Always says it should work in most homes and buildings. But I've got nothing. I'm standing outside my office with "Excellent Coverage" and I have one bar. One! I'm outside! And when I tried to call my wife, she said it kept cutting out and asked me to repeat myself.

Switching to T-Mobile was my idea, so she's going to start hating me soon I think.

I just filed a complaint with the FCC about T-Mobile service.  The FCC makes it very easy to file a service complaint on line; just go to

Good to know, but I doubt it will generate any results.   i'm hopefull T-mobile will reach out to me with some kind of help.  I've called support four times

Class action lawsuit might be the next thing - Technically, the "getoutofthered" program is proving fraudulent

Keep us posted @magenta7792328

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@summitx02 - I just took a look at that ZIP code and we have some pretty good coverage there! When you pull up our Coverage Map ​what does it say you should be getting for your exact address?

@magenta7792328 - Looking at 27712, it is a bit less covered than Durham but we do have coverage there. And in Durham, we have some pretty amazing coverage.

I totally understand the importance of having reliable coverage and if you are finding that you do not have coverage in an area that our map says you should, please do call our Team of Experts folks when you have a chance so we can take a closer look at towers that are supposed to be serving your specific area.

@samuraidaugherty - Your issue sounds a bit different. Did you bring your own phone when you switched to us? If so, what kind of phone is it and what specific model? Also, what is your specific zip code where you notice the coverage is weakest?

Yes, I brought my own phone from Verizon. It's an iPhone 7, running the latest software update. The zip code at my house is 61603 and where I work is 61616, and it's happening both places. My wife is having the same issue on her LG G7 as well.

@tmo_chris  I have checked the map and it calls for good coverage in all of the areas where I have dead spots.  I have no choice but to leave at this point, but I need someone to confirm that there is no penalty for leaving after receiving my #getoutofthered reimbursement.  Customer service says there isn't but I need something in writing.  Also, I'm stuck with a T-mobile phone that I now have to pay off before they will unlock it.    Very dissapointed 

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@summitx02 - There are no cancellation penalties if you leave us. As for the phone you purchased through us, if it as done in an EIP and not a JUMP on demand lease, it would need to be fully paid off before we can unlock it. If the device was purchased on a JOD lease, you may be able to qualify for the lifetime coverage guarantee.

@samuraidaugherty - Both of those zip codes have pretty good coverage. On your phone, can you please try resetting your network settings.  Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. If you are still having issues with coverage in good coverage areas, please do call us when you have a moment so our Team of Experts folks can get some engineering service requests open for these areas.

I tried that yesterday actually. Found some info on a different thread suggesting it, and it didn't seem to help. However, when it first turned on, it showed full bars for just a split second, and then back to one bar. The Facebook support lady said she put in a ticket with support about it.

Well if you zoom in on the map and put marker on the area it it says fair coverage that means you might might not get service the service can range from anything to one to two bars and technically nos service indoors or no service at all you can see if you can get two or three bars if you see any good LTE spot or excellent LTE signal spot close that would mean that there is coverage but if you do see those spots far then that means that the fair coverage means that you may have may not coverage.

Thank you for your reply. I have called your Team of Experts six times. Cell service is still consistently poor.  I am a very unhappy customer.  Once I was transferred to tech support, and I held for 30 minutes without  being connected.  I gave up on minute 31. Last night I had to make a very urgent and important phone call; person on the other end said my voice was “garbled” and they only got every-other word. I had to borrow a phone that had “real” service. This was in downtown Durham, NC. How does T-Mobile get away with selling phone service that does not exist?


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@samuraidaugherty - Thanks for trying that! I am glad to hear that a support ticket was opened for you. This is going to be the best was to get this addressed.

@magenta7792328 - I am so sorry you have had to call so much! That is definitely not normal... Do you know if a support request was failed during any of your calls?

Re-read what you sent me. Everything about T-Mobile has “failed.” Had another situation this morning in which I was in a location in downtown Durham and could not connect to T-Mobile.

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