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  • 23 February 2021
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what’s happening ???

T-Mobile have off-shored their Customer Service??

  1. English language skills & “being able to understand what they are saying” could be better
  2. one (1) representative actually hung up on me
  3. technical support lied  when I asked whether data would lost if I proceed to follow his instructions = I lost data … Visual Voice mail no longer refreshes/syncs with voice mail
  4. back office T-mobile sending text messages to some S20 5G type phones does NOT work = technical help was advised over a month ago and still not working

4 replies

This is why we left other carriers. T-Mobil is doing the same thing. Can’t understand anyone. 


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Depending on what I need, I don’t always have an issue.

Similarly, regardless of where T-Mobile’s support has been and currently is… I still have had issues of where ticket filings end up for, which 99% of the time ends up with auto-closure, and this has been for +5 years.

Typically, IMHO, the offshore support appears more empathetic, but that doesn’t resolve many issues, including the “I give you my personal guarantee” - which 99% of the time means you won’t hear back from them when the issue can’t be resolved.  Most of the time, I can get a more accurate response from the Colorado Springs folks… but in the end, 99% of what I need doesn’t get done.

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offshore customer service (Phillippines,Puerto Rico etc.) screws up the support so much, I don’t think T-Mobile saves money on that. Its just an overload back pass if T-Mobile is not able to take all the calls.

It honestly is not any of help for support, I always ask to get referred back to Charlston T-mobile expert’s.

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As this is a ‘customer based’ forum… you’ll probably not get anything outside of a nod and agreement on much of this.  Much of the support ends up typically (on purpose?) sending incorrect information to engineers to auto-close my issue.  ~99% of the issues end up being filed against locations many miles away from my billing address.  +90% of the issues come back as ‘no issues found at your billing address’.

I did once have them PROPERLY diagnose an issue that T-Mobile’s OEM and even the manufacturer (LG) would not.  5G SA on LG Velvet.  T-Mobile’s documents on this were .. non existent (5G SA vs 5G NSA), as was LG.  T-Mobile did an ad with 5G SA and n41/n71 carrier aggregation with that same device.. yet, T-Mobile does not allow ‘customer’ handsets to have 5G SA n71 on that device.

T-Mobile technical experts were able to dig that information up, and I was able to exchange for a device supporting 5G SA (note:  many Northern states are 4G LTE or 5G SA… no 5G NSA due to lack of B4/B2 LTE)