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  • 21 February 2018
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My son's data stopped working suddenly. It's ok if he's on wi-fi, but won't work on the network. We're on an unlimited plan and my data is working fine. Any suggestions?


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10 replies

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Is the LTE icon missing and is mobile data turned off? Or do you see the icon for LTE but there is no data movement?

The LTE icon is missing

And his mobile data is turned on

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It sounds as if there is no data signal wherever he is. Which doesn't make sense.   you could reset the network settings on the phone reboot it boot into safe mode or factory reset it.

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You can also just plop it into airplane mode and then out of which will make it search for a service again. What device is he using anyway if I may ask?

Thanks! Trying to avoid a factory reset if possible.

We'll give this a try. He's using a Galaxy 7

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If you go into device settings there should be a option called connections where you can force the device to connect to LTE, 4G and E. I would try forcing it look for certain types of signal as well. The factory reset should definently be the last option and if you do go with it make sure to back up everything. Back it up to the cloud and a computer.

Popping it into airplane mode seems to have worked! Thanks for the suggestion!


I had my iPhone data increased as I was out of town on business. Thereafter my iPad data and internet stopped working while I needed it for my mother’s funeral. Resetting the iPad did nothing as my iPhone still worked. No help after hours makes me rethink after 6 years to change my service. 

they told me this data increase would not affect my iPad but it did … with a different number, why?


fix this now and make up fir the loss of service I paid for!!!