Data Roaming in Canada Not Working!!!

  • 8 December 2019
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Help! I’m visiting Canada. I usually do for 4 days every month.  I’ve not had any issues until this trip. I have coverage, 4 bars with Bell or Telus LTE or 3G but I can’t get data to work. This is incredibly inconvenient. 
I‘ve tried tech support multiple times and they have opened a ticket. This is since Thursday and I have not heard back. I head back to the US tonight so I’m not sure they will resolve it.  I’m back visiting in 2 weeks for the holidays. I’m considering changing to Verizon because I’ll be in Canada for 2 weeks and no data leaves me in a tough spot (can’t get an uber, no iMessage, no google maps etc).

Have tried:

Reset Network Settings

LTE and 3G

Auto carrier and manually select (Telus and Bell)

Restarted phone, hard restart

What else can I try? This is so inconvenient.

55 replies

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Perhaps it's an issue with Apple devices.  Have you checked to make sure data roaming is enabled on your device?  Do you have roaming enabled on your account?  My OnePlus 7 Pro is working fine out in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.  What part of Canada are you visiting?

I’m in Calgary, Alberta

i also did a full reset with no improvement.

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Have you tried a manual scan for networks and then selecting the Bell network?

Syaoran, I appreciate the replies!

Yes, tried Bell and Telus both LTE and 3G.

My concern is I won’t be able to trouble shoot once back in the US and I can’t be without data next time I’m here.

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I realize you're no longer in the area so I won't try and give steps in that direction.

Was this an area you'd been to previously without issue? Do you know if your ticket has had an update?

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Coverage in and around Calgary is usually pretty good.  Over the past couple of days though.  All of the Canadian carriers had major issues with texts and MMS messages.  It makes me wonder if there might have been a bit more to the nation wide issue, at least out west where Telus is located. 

I have some family out in Calgary  all of which are on Telus, which uses the Bell network.  They didn't experience any issues, but roaming is obviously different.  Hopefully T-Mobile can check into the roaming for Alberta to verify everything is working correctly. 

Yes, for The last 6 months I’ve been in Canada for 3-4 days without issues. 

No response from T-Mobile unfortunately. 

Hopefully I hear back from them with a solution or a the problem identified. Makes you realize how reliant we are on technology.

Never heard back on the engineering ticket.

I’m back in Canada and data roaming still does not work.

After a few calls this morning they figured out why and have NO solution for me.

My prepaid T Mobile One Plan ($70) is limited to 5gigs of international roaming. The catch is they don’t measure this separately from my domestic usage. I have used 7gig in the USA so I’m not eligible to use any internationally. This makes the plan virtually useless. They suggested that if I know I’ll be traveling that I should limit my domestic use and plan accordingly. This defeats the point of my “unlimited” plan. I offered to pay more for an add on or whatever and they can’t do anything for me.  

I will be changing carriers ASAP.

Same here 2 kids in Canada since 3 days, data did not work in Montreal and Ottawa. They tried all: change phones, change from Apple to Android, checked all options with customer service, even Apple representative was introduced to the call. No solution for a Magenta Plus plan with 4 lines, prepaid.

Will have to explore other options for sure. The catch above is clearly against T-Mobile contractual obligations in our case.

My past two trips to Canada have had the same problem and I need my Ipad to work so I can navigate to where I need to go. I have only 2G plan and I am now using a 7 day datapass since I exceeded the 2G this month.

There is an option to buy 1 day International Data pass for $5. Will that solve the problem?

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I had this issue 'once' in my many trips to Canada on T-Mobile.

There was an option set on my phone for 'Data Roaming' and it was not enabled.  Similarly, as I've been to Canada many times (most of Ontario, southern Quebec), I know that roaming on Rogers is quite difficult, while Bell/Telus is not.

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The current T-Mobile roaming partners are Bell and Telus, which are essentially the same company.  In southern Ontario, I haven't had any issues.  Toronto, Niagara Falls, Cobourg, Belleville, and Kingston all seem fine on my OnePlus 7 Pro on the postpaid T-Mobile Magenta plan.  This is the area I tend to visit when up in Canada, which is where I currently am again until February. 

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I've been from the border crossing near Alexandria Bay down to Buffalo, spent a week between Ottawa and Quebec City, as well as many trips from Sault Ste. Marie to Elliot Lake - typically without issue.  Roaming on Rogers is typically difficult in many areas, while Bellus works w/o issue.

Only time I had an issue was because I had 'data roaming' disabled once on my phone (prior to them opening up 'free' roaming/calling data in Canada.  NW Ontario has some areas where Rogers exists, and Bellus doesn't (highway 108, and parts of Highway 17 between Sault and Thunder Bay).

We figured it out. It was a setting that needed to be changed. I am not sure which one, I think it was the automatic network selection was off. We found the setting and we got the bars we were looking for .

That was my problem too it seems, although I did not see your reply until my son figured it out. Thanks!

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Yesterday, I woke up to my phone having no connection in Toronto, Canada.  WiFi Calling worked fine but it would not connect to any network automatically or manually.  I tried the usual clear network settings and such but nothing changed.  Turning off the device for 20 minutes while in the shower did fix it though.  Allowing the device to drop off of the network long enough, at least 5 minutes, I'd say 10 when roaming, solved it. 

I’m also having this problem, I tried all the troubleshooting steps-- I’m getting full bars but the Telus network says “forbidden” on it. Would love some guidance, I’ve spoken to several representatives now with no luck. I’ve also been unable to make any phonecalls. I’m currently in Montréal, QC, and the data connection worked about two weeks ago and now has suddenly stopped. 

I’m also having this problem, I tried all the troubleshooting steps-- I’m getting full bars but the Telus network says “forbidden” on it. Would love some guidance, I’ve spoken to several representatives now with no luck. I’ve also been unable to make any phonecalls. I’m currently in Montréal, QC, and the data connection worked about two weeks ago and now has suddenly stopped. 

I’m in Canada for a bit, and I’ve been having this exact issue but with data on my mobile device, I have been with all the troubleshooting steps with technicians even swapped phones with my sim and it still doesn’t work. This had just began happening last week. Unfortunately no help from any techs after multiple tickets have been created...

I’m able to receive phone calls and regular text messages, but my data is completely gone while on LTE.

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Did your device get any sort of.update?  Check the network settings for ‘Data Roaming ‘.

Not that it shouldn't be enable, but you mentioned being able to get text.


Yup! Everything is up to date, everything is turned on followed through multiple trouble-shooting steps with 4+ technicians as well as 2 supervisors. Unfortunately they were not able to help me at all with what was going on, I feel like I know the trouble shooting off of the back of my hand! lol.

Really inconvenient as getting around Canada, not having access to data while on the go is difficult for using Google Maps, Uber, Imessage etc. I find it super odd, because I can receive calls and text messages without any signal drops, and I hear people clear as day! 

This just started after weird occurrences of text messages I’ve received from T-Mobile from having the reminder texts of my auto pay being much higher than my current billing amount and a text saying my auto pay was cancelled... Even though it was still enrolled when I checked the website. I’ve been traveling for the past 3-4 years to Canada back to the United States very frequently and this is the first time I’ve had a problem. 

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That’s crazy… I’d recommend contacting billing - sounds like your account has had some bits done to it.

I know on my ‘legacy’ T-Mobile One plan, I’d be throttled after 5GB.

I know! It sounds crazy when I explain it to any techs or supervisors they’re just as confused as I am… I thought that maybe there was something done or changed to my account for billing, but everything for payment went smoothly.

My line is still active and after speaking to techs and looking on the T-Mobile website it states that I have 0 data usage for my new statement! When I’m traveling abroad, it always caps out at 5GB If I even manage to use that much… I don’t really understand what the issue is or if it is just the Canadian roaming carriers such as Telus or Bell that are having issues, I cannot even connect to Rogers Wireless anymore with 0 bars of service or data… 

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If it is only Roger's, then I can understand.  I preferred using Roger's in NW Ontario a long time back, as it was the GSM carrier.  Under TMobile,  Bell and Telus are preferred,  and Roger's ‘can’ connect,  but typically booted me off after a couple of minutes in the Toronto/Ottawa  area.  in the north, it would stay connected until you have a call, and it flipped to 3g   its been a few years since I've tested   


I’m in Vancouver right now. And cannot connect to any of the partner networks, I spoke to Tmobile and changed my preppaid plan and it still failed. WTF?