Delay receiving group text messages on iPhone 7+

I have been having trouble delay receiving (sometimes up to 12 hours and all the messages come in at once after the 12 hours) group text for a couple months.  This has been on going and I called Apple and T-Mobile for the last couple of months.  I changed out a new sim card.  My group text only includes 2 other people, one is an android phone on T-Mobile service and the other is an iPhone 7+ with Verizon service.  I restored my phone and still having the same issue.  I called T-Mobile and they keep creating trouble tickets and escalated to their engineers.  T-Mobile also did a purge on my account and still an issue.  Still they said they don't see anything wrong.  I contacted Apple and said it is on T-Mobile's end.  I have been a T-Mobile member for at least 12 years, I would hate to go to another provider.  But, what is the use of paying for a service that does not work.


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Hey @cnr100

We are changing the way we are tracking and recording this issue. Please contact us with the following information so that our tech support folks can open an engineering service request.

3 examples less than 24 hours old of when a message that was sent via a group message was delayed.

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To help isolate the issue perhaps you could turn off iMessage and see if regular green bubble MMS texts work. If you find that regular green bubble messages in group texts works then I message might be to blame and that would be apple because iMessage uses their servers.

I tried that already, and still the same issue.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with group messaging 😥 What was the outcome of the trouble ticket you had filed for you when you called our tech support?

T-Mobile support said they could not find anything.  I filed 4 tickets in total, every time it happened.  Kind of sad...

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Oh man! I am sorry about that! Do you happen to have the last ticket number that was filed for you?


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Thanks! I am having a hard time finding that ticket number. I know you said you had filed 4, do you by any chance have any of those other numbers?

The 4 tickets are below:





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Okay, so looking at the ticket, it says that there was no routing or provisioning errors present. Issues of this nature occur due to signal issues, third party issues like messaging apps, or even your phone itself. If the issue only occurs within a 10 (or fewer) mile radius, we can file the ticket for the signal related issue as that would be the root cause of your messaging issue. If problems persist in all areas tested and the issue is number specific, you would need to have the member of the group message contact their provider to see if they can investigate why the message is being delayed. If the issue is not number specific, we would want you to test your sim in a known working device and if the issue follows the sim, we can replace your sim card. Doing this sim swap test would help us rule out a device issue as well.

I did all that and still having the issue.  So we are repeating ourselves on the steps.

Is this a I Message Group?

Unable To Send Group Messages

If you have created a group in iMessage which includes a user who does not own an iPhone or who has stopped using an iPhone then you may encounter problems in sending messages to that group. This is because every time a message is sent, the dot next to the message will remain green instead of blue. Since the group is not supported by iMessages you will continue to face troubles. Create a new group and delete the old one so that you can continue sending messages to a group when using iMessages.

Tip: De-register your phone number before moving to an Android phone. iPhone users who are considering moving their phone number to an Android device must make sure that they de-register their phone number from iMessages or else anyone who sends a message to them using iMessage will notice a tick confirming that the message has been delivered because your phone number is registered on iMessages. But you will never get that message. This can turn into a big problem for people expecting important messages. Click on the following link to de-register your phone number from iMessages:

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Sorry to hear you are still having problems 😥 So is this happening in all locations? Is this specific to certain numbers? If not, what happened when you tried your SIM in another phone, did you have the same issue?

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Hi there!

Chris asked some great questions about some specifics that'll help us sort out how to fix this for you. Please give us a reply back and let us know some additional information. Thanks!

This is happening in all locations.  All numbers withing in the group.  Sim card was changed out, and now Tmobile sent me a new iPhone 7+.  We will see if this fixes the problem.  I will update in 2 to 3 weeks.

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Oh okay, thanks for clarifying! I will mark your answer as correct for now but please let us know if the replacement does not correct the issue.

Will do, thanks!

Has there been any solution to this issue? My wife and I both have iPhone 7s and have been experiencing this same issue. The crazy thing is we have both reset our phones, called T-Mobile and apple support and no one can seem to help. The problem only occurs for us when we are in a group message chain which includes a non-iPhone. Also seems to happen more frequently when we are connected to WiFi. Have walked through multiple steps with T-Mobile and Apple but nothing has helped. This is getting very frustrating because we have been iPhone users for years and have only experienced this since joining T-Mobile. In this day and age group messages are crucial to business, social events, neighborhood updates....PLEASE HELP.

Sorry to hear about your issue similar to the issue I encountered.  Tmobile sent me another iPhone 7 and that resolved my issue.  I have not encountered the issue for 1 month.

Thanks for the update - hoping to get some help from T-Mobile as well. Not receiving messages in a time when so many people depend on that for communication is very frustrating.

Is this happening to your phone as well as your wife?

Yes, both mine and my wife's. Also our sons. All 3 phones are iPhone 7

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With this being narrowed down to only happening in group messages with non iPhone users, our tech teams will need to open up an engineering trouble ticket to get to the bottom of this. I know you said you have spoken with our support teams before, do you know if a ticket was ever filed for you? If not, gather some examples less than 24 hours old of this issue happening and contact us again with that info. The tech you speak with will be able to pull up your account and get the ticket started for you. 

Some of the info you will need with your examples before you call.

  • All numbers involved in the group message
  • Which of those numbers you are getting delayed messages from
  • Time / day they sent the message
  • Time / day you actually got the message.

Anytime a group message is composed that includes a phone other than iPhone the message doesn’t send to anyone - not even iPhones. If I turn WiFi off it sends immediately to the group. In group messages with just iPhones the message sends immediately on WiFi or off.

I can send a message at 10am and not get a response until I walk away from whatever WiFi I’m on. Then sometimes messages will deliver. If I turn off my phone and back on multiple texts deliver.

Below are screen shots. This isn’t specific to any number just the fact if it’s an iPhone or not and if WiFi is on or not.

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One additional response, I had multiple calls on January 24th with both T-Mobile and Apple Support. Not sure what the case # was but hopefully that is recorded in my account.


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Well if it works when you are not connected to wifi then it is not the network. I will also say for many people it is probably iMessage acting up. I want to ask if everyone this is effecting has a friend that is using Android that would have had a Iphone at any point in the past?