Delay receiving group text messages on iPhone 7+

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It has only done this since joining T-Mobile. WiFi is the same, friends numbers and providers are the same. The only change has been us switching providers. Previously I had an iPhone 7 through Verizon and never had an issue and my wife's phone was a 6S through sprint with no issue.

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Maybe I misunderstood. I thought you said when wifi was off everything works correctly. If I'm wrong please correct me. If that is what you said then it points to it not being a network issue.

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So just to clarify, are you having an issue sending messages, receiving messages, or both from/to non iPhone users.

Also, when it comes to WiFi, you mentioned that as soon as you turn off Wi-Fi, the message sends to the group. Are you talking about a message you sent to the group or the message that a non iPhone user sent to the group and as soon as you turn off Wi-Fi it works? I am sorry If I am making you repeat yourself but it seems like there is some confusion here about what the specific issue is.

Also, the reason I asked you for examples was not actually for posting here but rather to provide to our support teams over the phone as they will be able to access your account and open the support ticket needed to get this resolved.

Chris, we are having the issue both on WiFi and off. It happens more frequently when we are connected to WiFi - this can be our home network, work network, friends network etc. When we are connected we don't receive messages from groups that have a non-iPhone in them and our messages don't deliver to groups that have non-iPhones in them. This is not specific to one person or non-iPhone user but to all users not on an iPhone. When I called T-Mobile in January we walked through multiple steps to trouble shoot for almost an hour. Then they gave me the number to Apple Support and we did the same thing. Both companies point the finger at the other with no resolution. I you would like to send me a separate email for details I can pull that as well but this is getting to be very frustrating - again, multiple friends have iPhone 7s with same Version 11.2.5 on their phone and we can connect to the same WiFi and text a group that includes a non-IPhone and their message goes through instantly but doesn't deliver to us. Sometimes if we shut our phones off and start them again it will deliver a large group of messages and then go back to the same issue. 

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Thank you very much for clarifying. I am confident that this specific issue can be addressed by our over the phone support teams. Please gather the example information using the info I provided earlier and contact us when you have a moment. Specific examples are going to be imperative for this issue so the engineers can see what happened on the T-Mobile network with that message.

Wow I’m so happy to know that I’m not the only one having this issue but in my case, I’m not receiving group messages from non Iphone users at all. I’ve had my iPhone 7 for almost 2 years and this problem started in January. I tried everything- restarting, resetting, rebooting but nothing worked. I was able to get it fixed within a few days after the matter was sent to an engineer.

As of last night, I’ve missed several work related Groups texts which was embarrassing because I had explain to my boss that I didn’t receive her messages. I hope a solution is found as soon as possible. Otherwise I would sadly have to consider switching to another carrier which I would hate to do since I’ve been with T-Mobile for years.

Hello again all, it's been a little over 2 months since TMobile sent me a iPhone 7 Plus.  As of today, the delay started back up again in my group chat.  So this tells me it is not the iPhone 7 Plus that's the issue.  But, I am leaning towards TMobile that's the issue.  The funny thing is that the group chat I am in is not that large.  Only 3 people and that includes myself.  One user is a TMobile customer himself with an Android phone and the other is a Verizon customer with an iPhone 7 Plus.  So I changed out the phone and sim card.  At this point I give up on TMobile and it's reliability and support.  Hopefully this info will help others that's encountering this issue.

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Hey @kidphat​,

Did you ever get a chance to speak with our technical support folks over the phone? They will be able to get a few examples from you and open up a support ticket with our engineers.

Of course I have.  I have open at least 4 trouble tickets with TMobile and no solutions.  This has been dragging on for 6 months.

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Oh my goodness! 4 tickets is a bit much! Do you happen to know what the outcome of the last ticket you had filed was?

Outcome is TMobile sending me another phone.  Which they did on January of 2018.  Of course that did not resolve the issue.  At this point I give up.

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I am so sorry about that @kidphat 😥 A replacement phone is not always the resolution but if the network trouble tickets are not showing any fault on the network side, the only other factor is the device.

Apparently TMobile 2nd tier support and engineer is not able to help.  A replacement phone still did not solve the problem and changing out of the SIM card is not able to resolve the issue.  As we see, I am not the only one on the forum that has this issue.  So TMobile needs to resolve the issue.  Why we paying for a service that does not work, makes not sense.

Has anyone gotten a resolution on the delay receiving messages?  I opened another TMbolie trouble ticket today, ticket 19189699.  Hopefully someone from 2nd tier support can resolve the issue.  Messages was sent out to me last night about 10pm est time, until now I still have not received the messages.  Well over 12 hours.  Like I stated before, the group only includes 3 people including myself.  1 user is on TMobile with with Andriod phone and the other is Verizon with iPhone 7 plus. I gave both numbers to the support team.

We have two phones that are experiencing the same issue.  Delayed group texts and one person doesn't receive any.  2 phones in group text are iPhones, 7 and 8+, other phone is Verizon iPhone 7. 

It seems it is a TMobile issue and not an Apple issue.  I did have Apple support and we had a 3 way call with TMboile.  TMobile support did agree it is on TMobile's side since it has to do with text and not iMessage.  So we can eliminate that it is an Apple issue.  Thanks!

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I am so sorry that you are still having this issue! With the phone being replaced at the recommendation of the engineers via the trouble ticket that you had filed, since the issue is still occurring, we will need to escalate that ticket back up to the engineers letting them know the replacement did not resolve the issue. Please contact our tech support teams again when you have a moment.

I am in the middle of this issue right now with an IPhone 7.  It happened a year ago and Apple finally told me to restore factory settings.  It worked but it's not the solution I want.  It started again last night and I called Apple but they sent me over to T Mobile.  The T Mobile phone representative went through the standard tests with me, told me she would call me back in one hour to see if it was working and I never heard from here again.  Shame on me for not getting a ticket number.  This is a very frustrating issue.

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I am so sorry about that @jeremyskillings​. Missing a commitment is a no no! There is definitely a record of your call to us and if you contact us again, we can pick up where she left off.

Thank you.

So whats the solution to this problem?

From the looks of it, there is no easy solution. I found the issue rises most when someone in the group chat doesn't use an iPhone. Also, T-mobile and AT&T are the only carriers I've noticed that have this issue. Hopefully it will be fixed in the future.

Adding reply so I can follow this thread. Having the same issue. I'm on Android and getting delayed messages from iPhone users in our group chat. Not every message is delayed, just some on a seemingly random basis.

I am also adding a reply so I can follow the thread. I've had the same issue as the OP in reverse. My husband & I both have the Galaxy S8+. We both have issues with group messaging, and 99% of the time it involves iPhone users and AT&T. As an example, last week our daughter sent a group text to both of us. Didn't receive it until 12 hours later. She's an iPhone user on AT&T. I was part of a day long group messaging on Saturday. My sister has iPhone/AT&T. Several of her texts did not reach me at all, some were delayed, one I just got one this morning, over 36 hours later. The issue has gotten worse since the update we received this past week.

Adding myself to this because I have been having the the same problem for about 2 months now. 3 people in group text, 1 Android user, 2 Iphone users.