Delay receiving group text messages on iPhone 7+

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Also having this issue. On Iphone 8+ though

I am having the same problem

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Hey @mrstinkypete  and @magenta5241955

I just sent both of you a private message.

Same issue on iPhone 7.

Has been ongoing for about 6 months, off and on. Spent 2 hours on the phone with t-Mobile, and Apple, with no solution.

Often receive messages 6-12 hours late.

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Hey @magenta1495776

I just sent you a private message as well.

I’m having the same issue on iPhone 8! Just switched from US Cellular last week and want to stay here, but this is frustrating!!

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Hey @awith16

I just sent you private message as well.

Hello Chris,

I have also been receiving delayed text messages since last year, I upgraded my iphone 6 to the iphone x in hopes that it would fix the issue but the problem still persists. Heres some info

-All of the users in the group text are using iPhones

-4/5 users are on the Tmobile network, as far as I can tell I am the only one getting late text messages

-messages are only delayed when in a group text, this happens on both wifi and on the cellular network

Just today I received an influx of messages that were sent from others in the chat 24 hours ago! This has been ongoing and it has been very frustrating.

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Hey @bay422

I am going to send you a private message as well.

Hello @tmo_chris I am having this same exact issue

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Hey @magenta5358586

I just sent you a private message as well.

Hello @tmo_chris - Having the same issue.  Group text is not coming through.  One phone in group text is an android phone.  Rest are iPhones.  Delayed receiving, got like over 50 messages in a minute when they finally came through.  Currently am not receiving.

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I just send you a private message @magenta4448486 

Hi Chris - same issue

I'm having exactly the same issue

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I sent a PM to both of you @magenta5385279  and @magenta5390257 

Hello tmo_Chris.

The same issue has been happening to my phone as well. HELP.

Im still having this problem with my 7+.  Is there a solution for it yet?  Really annoying!  Thx

Hello Chris, Is there a fix for this yet?

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@n.gon09 I will send you a quick private message to gather some info.

@jnguyen272000 - No fix as of yet but I will also send you a private message so we can get more examples to our engineering folks.

I have this problem on my iphone 6 and have for months. Not only do I have a delay with group text messages, sometimes I won't even get a message if it is sent in a group text.

Same issue for me as well. I have noticed that delay comes from when you are connected to WIFI and you have no signal from the network. Once you get of wifi and network startks right back, then you receive all backed up messages. That includes your house with a wifi and a limited tmoblie signal. Chris let me know if you want a private message to go over what I noticed.

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@dan_halen and @emei

I just sent both of you private messages.

I just had this happen yesterday.  I was receiving normal SMS texts but no MMS group texts.  My mom sent my two brothers and I a text to tell us about our dad, the only one of us who got it was my brother who's on ATT.  My mom, my other brother and I are all T-Mo.  Then, almost 12 hours later, I got a barrage of texts from two group texts that I was a part of but never received.  Note that I do have WiFi calling but I was in and out of WiFi range all day and, as mentioned before, was receiving SMS just fine just no MMS. 

Chris, (tmo_chris) please let me know if you need something from me or if I should expect that this issue is resolved.  So far today, I've been getting group texts but then I guess I won't know if it stops working suddenly again.

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Hey @pboggini

I just sent you a private message as well.