Delay receiving group text messages on iPhone 7+

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I have this same issue with group text with a non iMessage user. The issue happens on both iPhone 7 plus and iPhone X. Texts are delayed for 6-10 hours and all texts suddenly coming in at once.

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I sent you a private message @brian_sj

I am having this issue. Haven't received a group message with a non iPhone in at least 24 hours

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Hey @cnr100

We are changing the way we are tracking and recording this issue. Please contact us with the following information so that our tech support folks can open an engineering service request.

3 examples less than 24 hours old of when a message that was sent via a group message was delayed.

Same issue here. I recently switched to T-Mobile from att and now I have issues with group texting. we have 10 people in our chat, and this issue seems to be happening (at different times) with all of us with T-Mobile.  One person switched to Verizon and problem went away.

We we need a fix for this.

iphone x, most users in group are iPhone, I think we have one maybe two android users. I can message directly or be messaged directly without issue. Only group text has the issue.

Same problem here. This is happening on all of my MMS (not iMessage) groups. One on one MMS works fine. iMessage everything works fine. The green/MMS groups don't work. I will get all the messages at once in 12+ hours, guaranteed. iPhone 7 plus. Very frustrating!


This seems to be a wide spread problem and easy to reproduce, I’m not sure why you ask everyone to provide all the phone numbers in 3 different occasions to look into the issue.

Tell me about it. He’s asked everyone the same exact information. Can’t they just try to reproduce it themselves instead of us here giving them what we think is happening? I am also sure that they are just ignoring our information because not enough people are reporting this to justify a fix.

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Hey folks, our engineers are working to reproduce this issue in the labs but we also want to gather as many user examples as possible. Please contact us when you have a moment with the information and our techs can get a support request opened up.

Same problem here. A couple days ago I received about 12 old group messages all at once

I just switched to t Mobile from AT&T. And both my fiancé and I are having this same issue. What was the resolution?

Same issue.  Switched from Sprint to Tmobile - problems immediately.  There are enough data points on this forum (and Reddit, and everywhere).  This is clearly a TMobile problem that TMobile hasn’t invested in solving.

@husseinsharif i totally agree. Just to give you a heads up. I had them create 3 different tickets to watch it. Essentially what happens is that they get hung up in the network. You can fix it by rebooting your phone or taking yourself off of WiFi. Even with WiFi calling turned off, for some reason, being connected to WiFi really makes a difference. They eventually said that it was because I had an AT&T phone and it won’t ever really play nice with their network. (One of the techs used too work for AT&T and new that they installed settings that can’t be changed that won’t ever play nice on other networks even if the phone is unlocked) We plan on purchasing the new iPhone 12 when it comes out so our problem is temporary. They also recently updated one of the towers near me and it seems to have made it better. Yesterday I received 5 image texts in real time. Also some group texts are coming in faster. It seems like the network takes several days to get caught up. So it is getting better. I put up with it till my new phone is released for 2 reasons. Their 5g and my bill is $200 cheaper than AT&T. And they are really friendly to deal with and easy to get ahold of. I hope that helps to satisfy your frustration. It kind of helped me.