Delayed Incoming Texts and Missed Calls

Hello everyone, I've been having a frustrating problem on my phone for some time now, and T-Mobile doesn't seem to know what's going on or is unwilling to help. I have an OnePlus 6T (bought from OnePlus) running on the Tmobile network, and it has been receiving delayed texts (sometimes up to 12 hours!) as well as missing important incoming calls. The problem started on my previous phone (OnePlus 3T), and I thought getting a new one would fix the problem, but so far the problem still persists. I've tried....


-Getting a new SIM card

-Clearing my phone cache

-Soft reset

-Hard Reset

-Refreshing network settings

-Having T-Mobile refresh the network from their end

-Updated APN settings


The issue occurs daily, and only occurs with incoming texts and calls, no problem with outgoing. I've been tracking timestamps for my texts and it can delayed anywhere from 5 minutes to 12 hours, sometimes even more. I text my own number occasionally and sometimes that also gets delayed as well. When I restart my phone, everything works fine and dandy, but a few hours later the same thing keeps happening. And thats the most frustrating part because whenever I talk to T-Mobile and they refresh my device and the network, they'll say that it's working now and the device is working again, but the problem keeps happening a few hours later.


I'm on a family plan, and my number is the only one having this issue. My mother and sister have the same phone and don't have any issues. I've also tried using a branded T-mobile phone and I'm still having the same problem!


Any thoughts?

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Hey, @sifodyas357​!

Wow, it sounds like you've spent a decent amount of time trying to get this fixed yourself. Thanks for laying out what exactly you've tried.  You mentioned something that stood out to me -- you've tried a T-Mobile branded phone with no luck. Did you try your SIM in a known working T-Mobile phone? If you put your SIM in your mom or sister's OnePlus, do you have the same issue? Also, have any tickets been filed with our Engineers when you speak to us over the phone? You mentioned they usually do a network refresh but if you have time stamps of everything, I'm not sure why the info hasn't been passed along to engineering.

Hello Amanda. Yes, I've tried my SIM in a T-Mobile phone that I have and I'm still having the same problem. The issue also seems to be only with my line, and still continues on when I put my SIM in other phones as well. I've gone through 3 unanswered tickets so far with T-Mobile, but as stated above, they resolve the ticket each time after they refresh the network stating that it's working again, when it's really not.

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Hmm. That definitely sounds like an issue with your profile that's linked to your SIM vs an issue with your phone. Do you happen to have any of the ticket numbers you were previously issued?

Not a new problem. See this thread.

Not Receiving calls and delayed text messages

Apparently not fixed yet. My Honor 6x started showing the problem earlier this year after working great for a long time.

It appears that T-mo changed something in their networks and suddenly a number of different phones started exhibiting the same problems.

My pretty old Microsoft Lumia 950 does not exhibit the problem. My theory was that the Lumia supported some bands that the Honor did not and it could be cured by getting phones that covered those bands, but the OnePlus 6T appears to cover all that the Lumia does according to this page

Please verify we are talking about the same model and coverage.


I noticed in one of the other threads on these problems, tmo_mike mentioned possibility of filing a trouble ticket. Has anything been done on that? The problems here and in the thread I linked seem to persist. I think there is another thread on the same stuff.

I wound up filing an FCC complaint which got me in touch with a nice lady who couldn't get it fixed either. She finally sent a free LG stylus4 which I set up for my wife and I'm getting by with the Lumia. Neither phone is displaying the problems.

Unfortunately, the LG doesn't work as well as the older Honor 6x, with occasional freezes. It has less RAM which may be the problem. In any case, the wife complains that she wants her old phone back.

Would appreciate your bugging the network people. We can't all be crazy and there have been too many different phones affected for it to be other than a Tmo issue.


I do. The first ticket I opened was Trouble Ticket #21628935. The second Trouble Ticket is #21680159. The Third ticket that is currently pending is Trouble Ticket #21784542. Each time T-Mobile said they would get back to me but I had to contact them after days of not hearing anything. The last one is still pending and it's been 4 days already as well. And the issue is still happening, which is incredibly frustrating. I don't mean to sound irritated, but I'm this close to cancelling T-Mobile, which is sad because I've enjoyed my service over the past 10 years 😥

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We're now longer seeing a large amount of folks experiencing this issue. If all the trouble shooting has been done using the steps in the other thread, we do recommend testing the SIM in another phone to see if the delays still happen. A Trouble Ticket is going to be the final step if messaging issues continue while the SIM is in another device.

So....any help T-Mobile? Or is that it? I've gone through 3 Trouble Tickets already and I've just opened up a 4th one because the same issue is happening. And I"ve already mentioned in my post, as well as multiple times to tech support, that the issue still persists regardless of whatever phone I put it in but it seems y'all can't understand that. 

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When did you file the 4th ticket? I can take a look at it for more details on that one to see if I can help figure this out.

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Constantly filing tickets with no outcome is frustrating especially when you've been with us for so long. Let us take a look at the most recent ticket to see if any new info has been added that we may be able to go on. Again, it sounds to me like this is related to your profile on the network (not your device). I'm so sorry you're continually given the runaround and just want answers. We're doing our absolute best to help out with the tool that we have access to through the Support Community.

I have a MintMobile and my wife has Lycamobile(both these are MVNOs running on T-mobile network). I started seeing this issue from around Mar 2019. One phone is on LG G6 and the other one on LEECO S3. The issue is more frequent on LeEco compared to the LG phone. I tried swapping the simcards between the phones, tried switching off wifi-calling, tried toggling voLTE, but the issue keeps reappearing once in a while.

I've been having a similar issue - but intermittently - both me and my wife - both phones - intermittently the receipt and sending of texts is delayed, minutes or hours. This has been an ongoing issue for at least a year. I used to write it off to poor signal quality, but that doesn't seem to matter now that I've followed the pattern a bit. I'm convinced it's a network traffic issue. T-mobile? Have you anything to say about that? Thanks,

Exactly same issues. Opened 2 tickets with no outcome. Extremely frustrating. This is a brand new T-Mobile branded Galaxy S10e. My issue was solved on my S7 when I've selected "3g only" mode. S10 does not have that option. The issue is with having their 4g/lte turned on. 3g is fine, but if it gets to 4g, things get delayed, like texts, missed calls (phone doesn't ring).

I have the same issue with my Samsung S8.

I didn't open a ticket as I found this thread and

assume this is being addressed.  Seems this

has been a problem for a looong time as today

is 5/23/20 and still no resolution unless I missed it? 


I also started seeing the same issue with my Samsung S10 phone. I’ve been using this phone since last 10 months or so. But suddenly since last 1 or 2 months started having the issue of delayed texts and call. Initially I suspected wifi-calling or device issue. But even after playing will all the different settings on my phone, this issue continued. Thats when I found this thread and realized that the issue is from T-mobile side. We have other phones in family on the same network but they all work fine. It is very frustrating that only for some numbers text and calls are randomly delayed by T-mobile network.

Not sure what to do next.