Discord and Gaming applications no longer work on 5G

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When I first got my Inseego 5G with 100gb plan, it was incredibly fast and a dream come true for where I live; AT&T here has max 25mb\s DL and 1.5mb\s UL and averages 55ms latency while on T-Mobile 5G I was getting 70mb\s DL and 20mb\s UL and 40ms latency.

As of last week, discord and games no longer work on 5G on this hotspot. I talked to technical support and I mostly did my own troubleshooting. Finally I decided to test it using a VPN and everything worked  again (meaning it is not the device) at the cost of some speed due to a VPN being a middle man making it slightly worse than 4G. So basically I have no use of a VPN other than testing.

So I came to the conclusion that T-Mobile took it upon themselves to block these applications on 5G. I also read that if you use more than 50gb you may be slowed “due to congestion”.

Its fine though, at least I can still watch all the bandwidth hogging stuff like Youtube, twitch, etc but gaming stuff that uses the least amount of data is an issue, there is a lot of logic there.

If I buy 100gb worth the high speed data, I WANT 100GB OF HIGH SPEED DATA. THATS WHAT I AM PAYING YOU FOR, NOT 50GB AND MAYBE MORE IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT. 5G low band is much more consistent where I live than 4G. What makes this even less defensible is Tmobile Home internet is the same price for UNLIMITED yet still uses 5G.

But I am going to be nice, I am going to give a chance to fix it before that next billing cycle since I got a $50 credit for an unrelated issue. This basically false advertising and I dont know what is worse, thinking you can do that kind of stuff and get away with it, or assuming that your customers are stupid.

So my question is this, why in the world would you sell me a 100GB data plan if you going to bend me over anytime you want? (BTW it gets reduced to 2G speeds after 100gb which is only 5kb\s or like 56K days so you cant actually use more than you bought) I would of never left AT&T if I knew I would have to use 4G LTE for latency driven applications, though for some people 4G is awesome but as I said, 5G has more range and is much more stable where I live and the applications that are being blocked were the whole reason I got this hotspot in the first place.


There is some serious logical and ethnical faults in this service in the very least. 

BTW, video games and VOIP isn’t “misusing data”, there is absolutely no reason these should be blocked or effected in anyway when they use far less data than the applications you yourself promote. For anyone that wants to know, games typically stream 5-10kb\s multiplayer, they are only hindered by latency. Discord voip typically sits around 100kb\s give or take; in comparison, a 480P video streams between 1-1.5mb\s. See the issue?



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When I was on the Sprint network, I have none of these gaming issues on the go and I been with Sprint for decades, so T-mobile, you have dropped the bag big time, so what's the point of me staying with yall, I'm fixing to move to another carrier that is mobile hotspot gaming friendly on the go, so see yall and I wish yall well.