Do not bother with T mobile if going to the middle east

  • 20 July 2021
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So I was fooled.  The primary reason that my wife and I got T-Mobile was because were were told when signing up that it worked well in the middle east.  It does not. I cant even make calls to the states unless I stand it certain places in Kuwait City.  When I connect the reception is very poor.  Data is suppose to be capped at 256kbs i knew that when we signed up but i can work with 256kbs.  I have run speed test on a regular basis here,  never seen the speed even approach 200kbs  the average is around 42kbs.  I am very disappointed with T-Mobile. I am looking forwarded to leaving the Middle east and switch carriers as soon as we are able.   

1 reply

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Curious. What phone are you using? Have you been in any countries other than Kuwait?