Do you know how to fix Tmobile roaming in Singapore? It stopped working suddenly

I have been in Singapore and my Tmobile phone was roaming just fine, I was getting my phone calls. But one day it just stopped connecting and it says "No Service". I can't access my voicemails since it's not connecting to a phone carrier. I've called customer service and they said they checked my account and it looks fine on their end, there are enough funds on my account for me to roam, and they can't explain why roaming just stopped about 2 weeks ago. (I am on a prepaid plan).


Can somebody help me please? Or at least suggest some ways for me to receive my tmobile voice mails?


Thanks so much.

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Hey @suemmm‌,

I am sorry to hear that your phone stopped connecting to the local network 😥 What specific phone are you using? Also, are you in the same location you were before when it was working? Are you familiar with how to do a manual network selection on your phone? If so, which networks do you see displayed when searching?

Hi I'm using an iphone 5s, in the exact same location.

No networks are seen when searching using the Tmobile sim card. However

when I swap out the tmobile sim card to a singapore sim card it connects to

a local provider beautifully so the phone is fine.

The tmobile sim card was connecting to a local provider called M1 but then

it just became No Service.

It was when I logged into my account and changed my rate plan to pay as you

go. I called customer service but they said that should work and i have

enough funds on my account to roam so they have no idea why it just stopped

connecting altogether.

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Thanks for clarifying 😊 If everything on the account looks fine and you are in an area that was working before the rate plan change, this may be some sort of network provisioning issue where the billing system has not let the network know that you can roam internationally. If this is the case, we would need you to reach out to our tech support teams as you did earlier so that we can get an engineering ticket open for this.

I've called tech support several times and with no resolution. Is there an outstanding ticket open?

Can this be done over email? I've spent more than an hour on the phone calling internationally from Singapore to the US and it's so expensive and the wait is so long with them transferring me from place to place and me repeating my story over and over again.

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I know how important this is to get fixed as soon as possible. Unfortunately here on a user forum we are not able to see your account so I could not tell if there was already a ticket created for you. If calling is not an option for you, you can do written correspondence with our social media team T-Force if you click on the Facebook or Twitter icons in my signature and send them a direct/private message.

With an iPhone 5s you should be able to use WiFi Calling to call T-Mobile international support for free.

Once upon a time, something similar happened to me in Singapore. An undersea earthquake cut a bunch of submarine cables and my T-Mobile roaming stopped working for several days. It wasn't a big impact because I'd already picked up a local prepaid SIM and distributed the number to the people who might call me.

Cool I'll try the wifi calling. It's been weeks so I don't know about any temporary outages. Thanks!!

I juuust want to be able to access my voicemail for missed calls...

How do you use wifi calling to call T-Mobile? 611 doesn't work

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How long have you been there?

Wi-Fi calling: Apple iPhone 5s

I don't know about 611 but the direct number for international roaming support is +1-505-998-3793.


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Hey there @suemmm‌, have you been able to get service yet? Please let us know.

No 😥

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@suemmm‌, sorry for the delay!  I wanted to see if you'd been able to use the international roamer's customer care number over Wi-Fi to reach out to us regarding your service - if so, were we able to offer any insight?  I also wanted to echo @tidbits‌'s question - how long have you been roaming?  Hopefully it's working for you now so this is a non-issue, but we would love to know how it was fixed!

- Marissa

I see that I'm not the only one having this problem. Symptoms that I'm experiencing are exactly the same as OP.

I started another thread here, also with the same issue...

Unable to do International Roaming in Singapore (SGP-M1)

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Hey @eightyhertz‌,

I saw your post over there 😊 Did you get a chance to check on your engineering trouble ticket yet?

@suemmmJust to follow up on this thread, based on the information you posted, you're on a T-Mobile prepaid plan so you're in the same situation as me. Seems like the answer is that the roaming agreements changed and prepaid services are not supported. The new roaming partner is StarHub (no longer M1). So no international roaming in Singapore till the agreements change. This sucks but there's nothing that can be done.

To retrieve voicemail, you can Skype or call 1-805-637-7243 using a landline or some other method, key in your number with the area code first and your pin for the voicemail box. I hope this at least solves the retrieval of voicemail.