• 14 January 2022
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I have a ADT doorbell and I have been trying to get it to capture and record live feeds when there is motion at the door and some one ring the doorbell. It will notify me when there is motion and it rings but it will not record. I’ve had two technicians to come out and the camera inside will record but the doorbell won’t, CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP, I’ve been without the recordings since 12/16/202, and it was working prior to getting TMOBILE, had another carrier, it worked fine until it switch.

2 replies

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if it were due to your TMO connection then your interior cameras would be affected as well. the TMO connection wouldnt randomly decide that everything else can record/notify you but just not one specific device..did they try changing out the exterior door bell/camera?

If you have rc835 and a  dbc835 camera they run on two different firmwares. I ran into the same issue where drbell will notify via push, but will not record the clips but the OC845 outdoor camera will do both. Check VMD parameters, made sure cloud storage was good and also swapped drbells Nothing has worked. I'm thinking it's an issue with the firmware. The cameras were never made to work off a beefed up version of mobile Hotspot. Just give it sometime and things will get worked out.