Dropped Calls and very poor coverage

  • 19 April 2021
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After 21 years with sprint we changed over to T-Mobile with the expectation of better coverage since we were going to be traveling this year and T-Mobile had purchased Sprint etc. So far a terrible mistake. I had an 11 yr old motorola and never dropped calls to or from the office, my wife had no issues as a traveling nurse except when indoors at certain facilities. Since changing over we have had nothing but issues with dropped calls so we bought new Oneplus phones -- exact same terrible coverage.  Obviously T-Mobile has not incorporated Sprint technology yet, 2G without a dropped call would be nicer. Since we were told we obtained the exact same “unlimited” plan with T-Mobile that we had with Sprint I am guessing that is also not true as I just received a message that I have used all of my ‘roaming data’ -- been on-line and to the T-Mobile store---- no help at all. Coverage sucks - maybe Verizon or ATT?

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