E-mail to SMS being blocked due to suspected SPAM

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Hi @ffit37129​ are the message still blocking? I dont always check this forum, but follow me and I can follow back so that you can send me details. For faster support, f its a public domain, just type it here and put a space between the domain(dot).com and I will look for blocked content and get it corrected. Thanks!

Thanks, but it's not a business account - these are messages being sent to personal devices.

If yours is a business account - you should have a rep to directly deal with.

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Thanks for getting back to me. It sounds like we need to whitelist the domain. The only way to do this is via tech support or T-Force (Facebook/Twitter) and you'll need to refer them to doc# 433442 on steps with how to file the ticket.

Just to clarify, I can send the exact same message to my personal gmail account, and the gmail e-mail headers clearly state that SPF passes and that the sender is designated as permitted.

Thanks for that info, but that did not work. We have verified our SPF policy on the outgoing mail server is valid and even tried routing through a totally different server, but we are still being blocked and have no idea why. I have not heard back from tech support.

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Thanks for the handy info, @ffit37129​! I just sent a private message your way to provide more info. You can check your inbox here.

Yes, I do have an existing ticket. The number is 19367035. Thanks for your help!

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Hey, @ffit37129​!

I've seen an uptick in situations such as yours. It's possible that your company's domain just needs to be whitelisted. While I don't have the answers to why the sudden change, there is a ticket that can be filed. I know you've already worked with our tech support a few times with no luck.  Do you happen to know if a ticket was previously filed?