European Phone, American SIM-card

  • 6 April 2021
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I have both a TMobile phone plan in Europe and a Prepaid TMobile plan here in the U.S. 
I was wondering, when I get a new phone on my European plan, would I be able to insert my U.S. SIM-card and have a decent connection? I’m looking at either an Iphone SE, 11 or 12 Mini and would be primarily use it in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I would be open to other Iphones as well if this changes the performance. Thank you!

2 replies

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As long as the phone is SIM unlocked, it will work fine on T-Mobile USA’s network.

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iPhones these days are very carrier agnostic. You might even be able to use an eSIM with your physical SIMand have both SIMs active at the same time.