"Fair Coverage"

  • 2 July 2020
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I am new to TMobile. The coverage at my home (which is now largely my office) according to your maps has “fair coverage”. It is not reliable - I drop calls, texts do not always go through and even trying to call out will often take several tries.  Can I get a booster for my home?  Wifi calling and texting is also having some issues.


5 replies

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You might want to call online / use online chat for either a ‘cell spot’ (home internet based cellular tower - good for short range), or ‘cell booster’

Looks like the ‘cell booster’ is no longer for ‘sale’ (may want to check on rental)

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I am also in that twilight zone known as “fair coverage”. Since I use a router for a WiFi signal I make/receive my calls. I am still on the PAYG $3 a month plan as I am not eligible for a hot spot. What’s strange is I get 1 or 2 bars either inside or outside, but when I drive 1-2 miles west of me I get 5 bars. Ain’t that weird!

Same happens to me with voice and messages, even in “good” coverage areas! Cell data is fine, though. I can watch the phone struggle to choose between lte/4g/3g/etc even while standing within site of TMobile cell tower in a solid 4g service area.  Calls to a person who also has TMo, standing next to me, go straight  to voicemail and their phone never rings. Random messages take several minutes before the phone shows “sent.”  Even if the are “sent,” random messages can take forever to get to recipient, even when they are on Tmo, too. If calls get through they are dropped a few seconds into the call…  repeatedly… sometimes with strange alien sounding static.  When receiving calls, the call will get dropped a few seconds into the call. IF the caller is nice enough to call me back, usually the call is dropped again, and again!!!  If I change sim cards (to an ATT sim, for example) there are zero issues so it doesn’t appear to be my phone. Also, I can avoid dropped calls by switching to 2g service, but then I don’t have decent data speeds.  Finally, if I use any kind of VOIP app (like Google Hangouts/Skype/Duo/any, not only are those calls connected every time, but everyone tells me the call quality is way better than when I can reach then with a TMo voice call. Clearly there is something going on with the voice/mms side of things at TMo.  Calling TMo gets me a “tech expert” who assures me the problem will be resolved in three days and they will reach out.  But the problem is NOT solved in three days and no one reaches back to check.  Unreliable service is the same as no service, no matter the price. Time to switch?

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I’m not going to be much help. A month ago, or longer, one of the “tech experts” helped me to make some adjustments in my V30. He had me completely stop data as I didn’t need it. I have eye problems. I don’t text or message. I use my phone for talking and receiving calls. It’s mainly used as a “juke box”. I have over 2400 mp3 audio files. Prior before TM I had used AT&T for about 14 years. I only used the phone for calls only. I was paying $25 every 90 days with rollover minutes. Two years ago I learned of the Pay As You Go $3 a month. I barely use my free 30 minutes a month. I have VOIP service through my internet provider, VOLO Broadband. If you’re getting better service from AT&T I would probably go with them. I have read a lot of complaints with the TM “tech experts”. I may have had only 2 instances of the problem you bring up. May I suggest making a list of pros and cons of T-Mobile and AT&T? Sorry I can’t do much to help.

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I’m still experiencing this same ‘fair’ coverage issue.   Town of Cambria, CA - in which T-Mobile has claimed that there is service at the specific addresses, even though none can be found.  They’re claiming to ‘enable Domestic Data Roaming’ which I’m skeptical about, as it only works in very few places.. like Northern Michigan, or Upstate NY.  I’ve tried ‘Domestic Data roaming’ and in the past 5 years around here, and it is ‘Emergency SOS only’.  I’ll call out their tech support soon on this.:rage: