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  • 29 September 2022
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T-Mobile must now be a fake company because there is absolutely no live customer support. Oh, it says it has live support, but could have fooled me. Waited for 3 hours on the phone, requested a callback instead of waiting on the phone (never happened). I tried using the live chat. Yeah, right. It sent me to the “live” phone service and again I waited for hours. My home internet drops constantly (I live in a big T-mobile affiliated city), and even my phone hotspot is as bad as my home internet. I have tried putting my modem in at least 20 places, and none give me more than 3 bars. (Not a problem with Xfinity Internet, so guess what I’m changing to).

I tried calling the store where I signed up and got my equipment. They said they can’t help me over the phone. I have to come into the store.This kind of “live” customer “care” is useless at 11pm at night. 5G gets a big 5F from me.

Buyer beware. Find another company and read the reviews carefully.

1 reply

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of course xfinity works fine..theyre hard wired and not pulling signal from a tower..


another option to contact TMO would be through one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter..calling in lands you with tier 1 support...the social media route lands you with tier 2 support.