G7 ThinQ cannot make or receive calls, showing full signal, text messages multiplied or delayed sending and receiving

  • 30 June 2020
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On going for about 2  months. Details below: before reading, Last software update was April 1st to V10. Ive done soft reset, cleared cache in apps and messages, reboot several times a day. Auto clear messages after 200. All of these things I don’t feel like should be on a daily basis. Phone is in excellent condition still. Im required to receive calls daily to log into work, and if they dont come through I cannot log in...Im at a loss and really dont want a new phone because mine is still in excellent condition. I dont want to keep resetting my phone either. 

My phone shows full service, however, 50% of the day I cannot make or receive calls, or send and receive text messages. group messages are a whole other ball of wax :) First go to is rebooting phone, its 98% a no go and does not work. Ive switched to wifi/text calling and it still does not work. I have a signal booster thing in my house already which is where it is the worst (this doesn't just occur at home) data always works fine. Support has been unable to help except they are sending another booster...may clear up issue in the house only.

Second issue, I will get the same text 5 to 10 times from someone, AND my messages are being multiplied as well if I send them. Randomly checked text log the other day and I had over a 100 message go out and I had only send around 25 that day. Thank goodness for  unlimited texting!

Third, most recently, my tethering is not working...haven't troubleshooted or as important as others. 

Been with tmobile for years and years. I hate to switch services. I’ve always had apple this an android thing?! I didnt have near this many issues with my iphones. Thankfully I have a house phone and can use that.

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