Galaxy S20 5G support

  • 5 July 2020
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I just got a new factory unlocked Galaxy S20 model SM-G9810 (Dual SIM). I want to know if T-Mobile 5G is working on this phone. I can set the Network Mode to “5G/4G/3G/2G (auto connect)” but never seen the 5G show up in the status bar at the top of the phone.

4 replies


I am wondering about certain features working on US version of the Unlocked phone.  The Dual Sim model is the International version and Tmobile 5G is in Band 71 600 Mhz.  .   I don’t see that your phone being the International version supports Band 71.  Thats where Tmobile 5G is.



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More than likely, no.  It does not support the correct N bands to use 5G on T-Mobile.  It should work fine for 4G, as it has most of the 4G bands T-Mobile uses.  Whether or not you can get VoLTE working though is also another concern.

5G: n1/n78/n79 

4G: LTE Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/18/19/20/25/26/28/34/38/39/40/41

3G: Band 1/2/5/8 / GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

I saw that an update is coming to the T-Mobile Samsung S20 line for the standalone 5G, but what about unlocked versions?



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The U1, which is for the US, will get it eventually.  The specific model mentioned in this thread will not.  The South American version of this device is the absolute worst one to purchase for North American use.