Galaxy S21 Ultra - Not Receiveing Calls Over SA 5G

  • 19 February 2021
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I have had my new S21 Ultra for a month now. Since I got it I have not been able to receive calls over standalone 5G as I found in my own troubleshooting no thanks to T-Force. I have been in contact with 8, yes, 8 reps 2...YES, TWO tickets have been filed both marked as resolved.........still not working. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE FIX MY $1.3k phone I'm fed up. Yes I have rebooted many times, yes I have tried a new sim card, yes I have reset network settings more times than I can count (very inconvenient btw) I am left with no other option but to leave T-Mobile if this is not resolved ASAP. It's too bad too, I've only been a customer for 3 months.

3 replies

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Are you sure 5G SA is supported in your area?  Not all 5G supports SA.  5G NSA does not support calling over 5G.


Yes,  If Iforce nsa it works but it has a worse signal so i am assuming the closest tower is sa.


I will admit I think the tower is quite new because I get a better signal from it than LTE or nsa. I have also asked fellow t mobile customers who are my neighbors if they have the same problem and they do not. They have iPhone 12