Galay phone doesn't receive phone calls and messages occasionally

  • 24 September 2020
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My phone seems to go into some kind of “sleep mode”.  It’s a galaxy s7 edge, an international phone that I bought elsewhere. I didn’t have this problem right away, it started earlier this year. Occasionally, my texts don’t go through and I have to send them twice. Usually, when that happens, and the second text goes through,  I get a bunch of delayed messages. In that time frame, phone calls would also go straight to VM. I spoke to t mobile reps and they send me a signal booster but that didn’t solve the problem. I depend on this phone for work… I downloaded the LTE discovery app. TMO BYOD is no longer avail in the app store. I’m located in LA. Any suggestions? Thanks, S.

1 reply

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I think the S7 Edge (G935F) should work well. I think the issue is more to do with T-Mobile’s network, the Sprint merger and the incredible strain it’s putting on the network as the systems are integrated.