Get coverage at my house

  • 24 June 2022
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My neighborhood does not get cell receiption.  When power goes out cannot make an emergency call that bad.  I know that company wants to reach people.  How can I get to the right department to get this looked at and maybe bring, at least, T Mobile into the neighborhood and being able to start looking at them for other than phones as well??  Thanks a lot, First time Poster!!!

2 replies

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you will need to contact TMO either through call in or via Facebook/Twitter and put in a network chance is your neighborhood down in a bowl or near any large mountains or things that would end up blocking signal?


the odds of them up and installing a new tower are pretty much slim and put in a new tower takes years to get together paperwork wise let alone installing it.

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You are likely to get a better response from your local government since they have equal say in when and what upgrades they will allow in their city. In my town, locals have been on the mayor’s back to get gigabit fiber installed. After 5 yrs of constant pressure, the 2 year project to install gigabit has started.