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On 7/8 - one of our numbers in the plan (iPhone 😎 got added to a random text group made up of numbers not in the contact list! Today (7/9) an unknown number got added to our text group automatically (this was a nexus ) and one more phone in our plan (iphone) got added to another random text group!!

What is happening? Are others experiencing this kind of random additions to unknown groups? I saw some folks reporting this issue on ATT and Verizon in late 2017. I called Tmobile support today - they denied any widespread issue and did not create a case for my issue !


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The same thing happened to my families group text yesterday. Still trying to figure it all out.

We are experiencing the same thing. Three of our lines received group texts from numbers not in our contact lists. I called some of the numbers and the people I talked to have T-Mobile and use iPhones. T-Mobile support suggested I change my number!!! They are not coming up with any decent solutions.

Their only suggestion was to change your number? That's a little ridiculous. I told my family to just block the number since the other person was not being cooperative to help figure out how they got on our group messages. We also all have android phones, no iphones.

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Hey folks -- this is super bizarre, and I'm sorry to say not something we've heard about before. Someone texting you accidentally is one thing, but a number being added to your own existing group message is super weird. Has anyone seen a recurrence of this since this thread was originally started?

The person who was added to our group said that this was the third time they have been added to a group message.

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Oh goodness! So on their end, the group messages just started appearing? And this wasn't someone anyone had messaged before?

Can I ask where everyone posting here is located? Just a ZIP will be fine; we wouldn't want you to share your exact addresses in this public user forum. I'd just like to see if everyone is in the same general area.

Has this happened again to anybody?

My family and I are in 89074 and the person added's number is Florida, area code 772.

Im assuming thats what happened. I dont know if they started getting our messages, but they texted a (?) and i/we had no idea who it was. So i dont know if they could see all the other messages between myself and my family, but it started a new thread with them included. 

I just asked them to send a screen shot of where their thread began.

we are in 72042 zip code and the texts we received were from all over. California, Missouri, Ohio, and Arizona. The last time we received one of these texts was Tuesday (7-10). We aren't using our texting right now because we don't know if they are going to random people or not. We have a ticket in now with tech support and waiting for a response.

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Thanks for your responses, all! @burkek10​ -- when you reached out to our Tech team, were they able to file a ticket for you?

@btoaejniljjjo​ -- are you able to share your ticket number? Even though we don't have the account access necessary to file tickets from our public user forum, we are able to take a peek at them!

I did not reach out to the Tech team. If it happens again i will, but i am hoping this is just a one time goof.

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To be honest, I'm hoping so, too -- but I also understand wanting to have answers; and engineers reviewing this oddity is the best way to get those -- and in a prolonged situation, would also be the best way to ensure that it's being corrected! The fact that this happened and stopped makes me think that there must have been some kind of routing hiccup in the SMS system that's now been corrected -- but if it happens again, please keep us posted for sure!

Hello, this same thing just started happening to me last night.  The tech I spoke to thought someone was spamming people with my number, but it sounds more like a routing issue to me (I am a Telecom professional myself).  I am in-state right now and just got one random message from an in-going group chat right now.

Same thing happened twice today to my group in 2 different group texts.

Just got in to say this is the same exact thing that happened to me last night, and even tonight again as well!

It's happening to my existing group texts that I'm in. We all just randomly receive a group text message from a complete stranger whom none of us know!

On the second occurrence, the person even said that they received an image from us!
...Unfortunately the person wasn't too helpful when we inquired them about it as they panicked, told us to "LEAVE ME ALONE!",  and completely self-destructed.


I have no clue as to what SMS messages these random people are getting from me, but if random cellular numbers are now receiving private MMS images, well this a pretty severe issue T-Mobile needs to check into ASAP.

Today I received a group text to my family from a FL number when our numbers are from all over but my number is from VA.

This just happened to me last night. A new group text showed up including all the members of our family group text + 1 complete stranger from the Buffalo, NY area. We're all in CO and nobody knows this person. They started demanding to know why they were added to the group. Those were the first messages in the new conversation, so I can't tell how many of our messages they received from our family group.

Afterward, I also noticed I had been added to someone else's group text around the same time. I just deleted the conversation, but if I get added back I'm going to warn them. The idea that private texts and images are potentially being sent to random strangers is extremely uncomfortable.

hmmm... I was in Colorado when this happen s to me as well! 

It happened to me as well. I'm in TX getting added to group all over the place.  When I asked one group to please remove me from the chat, they were shocked and said that I was the one texting their group... This is extremely odd, and a breach of information. I'm not trying to be a part of someone else's conversation I have no business being in, and I wouldn't want someone in mine.  I called customer service and they seem clueless to this issue. I suggest calling in as well, maybe the more people to call they'll start listening. I create a "trouble ticket," so I can get to the engineers. I was told to send a letter to their customer relations department...which is ridiculous.

I've been having the same issue the last couple months. I've been added to 3 separate group chats and they appear to be kids (one instance they were sending funny face photos to eachother) and another time (not sure if it was the same numbers) I got added into the group and they got defensive when I asked who it was and why I had gotten added. They said I didn't need to know and to get off their chat. Not like I was there on purpose! I found they were from New York and Florida areas each time so assuming a connection issue there perhaps?

This just happened to me moments ago. What is going on?!?!

Yes, It is happening to us. Random numbers are added to our group and those numbers appear random. The random text messages

that we receive from those numbers seem like regular conversations ( we even received pictures ) and I'm sure they're unaware that

our group receive them. We just end up warning our group not to use the thread since it happened that one of our group mates responded

to the thread (with random numbers ) and we were blamed to be hackers.

Same thing happened to me as well. What is T-Mobile doing about it?   Maybe time to open a lawsuit.  Personal messages are being distributed randomly even though you select the correct contact.  This is a major security issue or breech.  Same issue NY to Florida.

100% agree

The same thing happened to me a few days before Halloween  I called Tmobile and they told me to block the group chat which my phone didn't have the option to do so  mute the chat (another option my phone didn't have), or ask the original person who started the chat to remove myself & my two family members from the chat. Of course that doesn't help us figure out how we got added into a random group chat with 4 other strangers. Luckily the other people in the chat weren't crazy and wanted to solve the problem too. It's still not solved on their end. I had my family delete our group chat and I started a new one adding each of our names... So far it seems to have worked, but we've decided not to share any personal info over texts anymore.

This has been happening to us for the past week. From everyone's replies  it doesn't seem like T-mobile is taking the issue seriously. This is a breach of our privacy. Luckily, yesterday's stranger was understanding and is also going to call customer support.