Getting "Not Registered on Network" in multiple locations in Raleigh, NC

  • 22 February 2016
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Having the same problem with two different phones (Galaxy Note 2 & Note 5) in multiple locations in Raleigh, NC. Here are the symptoms:

  • According to T-Mobile coverage map I should have good signal at those addresses (RootMetrics also confirms coverage)
  • phones showing 3-4 bars of signal strength
  • trying to call gives me a "Not Registered on Network" error,
  • texts don't go through stuck in “Sending”
  • search for Available Networks doesn’t show T-Mobile as available carrier.
  • The Note 5 is brand new and I applied all available upgrades to it.

Any suggestions?


Best answer by tmo_mike_c 7 March 2016, 23:21

No, it's not. You can also give us a call 611 from the phone or 1-877-746-0909 from another line. Just ask to speak with Tech Support. When you get in touch with them, tell them what's going on, give them that error code, and they'll get that ticket filed for you.

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does it show as actual T-Mobile coverage or partner coverage? Have you tried turning roaming on? T-Mobile on Simple Choice doesn't have roaming charges.

Roaming is not on and the screenshot above shows what I see if I perform the "Search now" for available networks. How can i determine if the coverage is by TMobile or by someone else?

Usually the maps when you zero in will tell you partner coverage. The fact

you don't see a T-Mobile network though says something, is the a T-Mobile

branded phone? Also if you are Simple Choice you can turn roaming on since

all roaming including international is covered under the plan.

If I'm reading this correctly my current location should have good T-Mobile coverage:

If they are T-Mobile branded devices (and you are the original owner) then based on the map picture you showed you should be getting coverage. Have you tried reseating the SIM card? Also have you tried turning on Wi-Fi calling and see if they will work via the Wi-Fi calling network.  If they won't then I would suspect they it is an issue with the SIM card since if it won't log onto the T-Mobile Wi-Fi network either then its most likely not a radio issue but an issue with the device logging onto the network.

It is just a few locations that are causing the problem (unfortunately these are the places I spend most of my time i.e. my current hotel and the office I am working as a consultant). In other places in town I don't have any problems so that rules out anything wrong with the SIM...

To answer your questions:

-- both are TMo devices
-- WiFi calling works in the office (the hotel _free_ wifi is too "flaky" and depends on the time of the day 😕


Not sure then since the Note 5 supports all T-Mobile frequencies including Band 12.  If it were just the Note 2 I wouldn't rule out it is a Band issue especially since the Note 2 for T-Mobile doesn't support LTE but since the same thing is happening on the Note 5 then that wouldn't be the reason. If you drill down (zoom) even farther does it stay in pink?  The only other thing it might be if this is recent is maybe a tower upgrade. You might also try locking the device into 2G just to see if it can pick up that and log onto the network then put it back in LTE auto.  You can also put Samsung phones into service mode to see the radio frequency information when it is working and maybe something will stick out when you see it when it is and isn't working. To do that dial *#0011#

Hi Stevetjr:

Thank you for the responses.

The map was at max zoom so can't say if the "pink" color is just resolution issue.

Tried Note 5 in "2G only mode" -- Same "Not registered ..." msg

Finally tried the service mode... Below are a few ss from the office where it is not working -- not 100% sure if I managed to pick all the screens; they cycle every few seconds and look pretty similar to ppl ignorant in the topic. If you need particular screen that I missed let me know and i'll try to "fish it out" (I'll grab the "working" set of ss during lunch)

Two more SS:

1st outside -- no problems calling (and the modes and bands are not cycling -- stays on Band 4)

2nd inside next to window (looks like enough signal to work)

My guess at this point is the building is shielding the signal... any known workarounds?

That's what I am guessing also based on what I see.  The ones that is it cycling those are the AT&T and Verizon Bands. If you notice the Band 12 which is Verizon which did sell a lot of there Band 12 to T-Mobile but not in the RDU market, my guess because they didn't have any B or C block in that market so weren't willing to part with it. My understanding is that NC is very tight on spectrum because a lot was bought up by non-carriers especially in the last low band auction. Low band while slower (not as much bandwidth) carries farther and penetrates buildings better. Band 4 is T-Mobile's primary US LTE band and while it is fast it doesn't carry as far or penetrate buildings as well. It looks like T-Mobile has manage to purchase some more low band in NC from one of those holding companies called Cavalier and is pending FCC approval but it seems most of that is in Western NC and again not RDU.

As for workarounds you have the better phone as far as signal, as iPhones seem to do much worse so other than Wi-Fi calling none really.  T-Mobile will issue a signal booster for a deposit but not sure that is an option for a non home location and you still have to get some signal for them to work. 

Today "WiFi Calling" went on strike too... Now when I try to turn it on I see REG99 error (this is from the Note2)

.. at least I still have a desk line 😥

sometimes just resetting the e911 address even if to the same address that it has will resolve that one.

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Hey @haralaag‌.

@stevetjr‌ has given some awesome advice on how to help with your signal. Did updating the e911 address yield any luck with the Wi-Fi Calling?

No luck with the REG99 error on either phone... Otherwise no problem with reaching any web site when on the office WiFi

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Ah, okay. We're at a point now where filing a trouble ticket is the next step. Are you able to use the social media links below to contact our T-Force team? Those folks have the tools needed to get a that filed for you so we can have network engineers look into this further.

The only way to file a T-Mobile technical trouble ticket is through "social media links"?!?

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No, it's not. You can also give us a call 611 from the phone or 1-877-746-0909 from another line. Just ask to speak with Tech Support. When you get in touch with them, tell them what's going on, give them that error code, and they'll get that ticket filed for you.