Google Speaker Groups and T-Mobile Wi-Fi

  • 23 December 2021
  • 3 replies


Hello!! Since I have switched wi-fi carriers to T-Mobile, I cannot play music on speaker groups on my Google Home Account. I can play on individual speakers but not on the groups. Has anyone else experienced this? And what did you do to rectify this problem? Thanks so much in advance. 

3 replies

I’m having the same issue! I’ve done all the troubleshooting I could, and still not working. Not only are my speaker groups not working, but also I have products from Wyze that no longer sync ever since I switched to T-Mobile internet. Very frustrating!! :/

Same issue... very frustrating. 

I'm wondering... while I'd rather t-mobile address this issue,  if I purchase my own wifi router, attach it to my t-mobile home internet,  can I use my my router for home wifi (i.e. get my service from t-mobile but use my router for to deliver the service), would that solve the problem? 

I have this same issue! I have sunk many hours into trying to make speaker groups work with my T-Mobile home internet gateway, including performing a factory reset on all my nest devices and the gateway, and speaker groups never work! Each device functions perfectly on its own. I've tried all the simple solutions, like making sure they're all on the same network. When I had Spectrum internet and used my own ASUS router, everything worked perfectly for years 😔