• 11 October 2021
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I recently switched over from Sprint to T-Mobile and my coverage has gotten markedly worse since switching over.

The coverage at my home is very poor (much worse than Sprint) even though the T-Mobile maps show complete coverage.

The coverage when I am in my car is very spotty even when it shows full bars and 5G. Repeatedly drops calls or audio breaks up during calls.

I was in Capitan NM over the weekend. Capitan is in the mountains in central New Mexico and the reception and coverage was better there than at my home (Corrales NM) or in Albuquerque.

How do I get my phone to work better given that we are in 5G coverage area?

4 replies

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when you switched did you bring along your Sprint phone or pick up a new one?


Got a new I13 Pro.

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before you were pulling in both Sprint towers as well as TMO that you switched over fully you might only be picking up TMO towers and not Sprints anymore..might be what you are seeing.

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I'd recommend either calling 611 or using the online chat feature on the T-Mobile app.  Be prepared for them to ask if you've power cycled, have all the software updates.