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  • 9 September 2020
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I need some help! I am unable to receive group text messages on my phone. I have the new Samsung 20 Ultra. For some reason, the last two weeks, my group text messages are not coming in, or my responses are not rarely going out. When my text does go out, they receive the text multiple times. This is very frustrating, as I use the group text feature for work to communicate with my team. The text messages look like they are coming in per individual, scrolling as if I should receive the message, but it never comes through. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it! 

5 replies

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Have you tried using a different app for texting, like Android Messages to see if the issue is with Samsung’s texting app?  Do you have MMS enabled, as most group messaging comes through MMS.


Yes, I do have MMS enabled.  I have not tried a different app. Any suggestions?


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Android Messages and Textra are always good reliable choices. 

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and you have a solid usable data connection correct? not wifi but actual mobile data?

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Did you transfer your data to the Samsung phone including text messages?