Group texts not sending correctly or receiving at all on iPhone

  • 25 November 2022
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Switched to TMobile  5 days ago.  Was able to send and receive group texts until one day ago.  I’ve got a solid connection both LTE and Wifi and made no settings changes prior to onset of this issue.  Since onset of the issue, I’ve reset network settings and updated iOS operating system. 

On my side, when sending, it shows that I have sent to the group but each member is receiving it as a single message from me.  I am not receiving any messages from the group. Messaging to individuals is working fine.

3 replies


I suppose I should add this was originally a Verizon device (iPhone 11) - never had these issues.  Was briefly with Xfinity Mobile - never had these issues.


Cellular data ON, Roaming OFF, Hotspot ON, iMessage ON, Send&Receive - my phone number, Send as SMS ON, MMS Messaging ON, Group Messaging ON




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There's a lot of post like yours on this board, most of them we suggest turning off imessages and use a 3rd party sms app or go to apple support web page and see if the have an answer.

A lot of the posts on this board has been marked as answered but it's usually a mod posting a link the that mod marks it as answered.