HELP - Pixel 4a Not receiving texts from some Verizon customers

  • 20 May 2022
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I have a Pixel 4a and realized that I was not receiving texts from friends of mine that have Verizon. I upgraded SMS app, made sure none of those people were blocked, did a factory reset on my Google phone. I am able to send those people texts and they receive them. I'm there and when they reply to me they think that they have sent the text correctly. They do not realize that I am not able to receive since the text appears delivered on their end. I am able to call and receive calls from them.


I have spent hours talking with T-Mobile reps and escalated tech support. They have done all kinds of resets on my phone that they can do from their end. I have spent hours with Google support and they cannot figure out if it is the phone or not. According to them they do not believe it is.  I have also talked to Verizon reps in the store and they have not heard of this problem.


Has anyone faced this problem?  Do you have suggestions to help this prob?

3 replies

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i would think that if you are able to send them texts and they actually receive them...but not in reverse..the problem would be on their end.


are they by chance running Apple devices while you are running an Android?


Originally, we thought it was limited to iPhone devices but the problem is also happening with Android phones on the Verizon network as well.


It is difficult to get help for this problem.  Everyone is thinking it is the Pixel 4A and should be replaced but I’m not in agreement with this assessment.

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especially since its only an issue between your phone and Verizon phones..since youre stuffs going through to them im still thinking its an issue on Vs side of things..TMOs texts are pushing through to them fine but not in reverse..and V wont admit anything..all that will happen is they will point fingers at TMO and TMO will point fingers right back