Help with CS Pls

  • 10 October 2021
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   I live just three stone throws from a strong tower and when T-mobile offered unlimited everything for $40 per month I was loving the future!  Then after setting up I was averaging about 3 MegaBits with short spikes of 7Mb.  My calls to T-MO kept getting dropped after long waits and like a dope I began expressing some frustration.  Big mistake.  After that night my service was all but shut off.  Trickles of .01 Mb that won’t even load most web pages, and it’s been 5 days.

   I was with AT&T for years and know what truly bad support is & it makes me sick I could have caused some of these good people trouble.  Is there any hope of repairing my relationship with T-MO?  Who can I apologize to?

   I’ve just reviewed the above and saw all the I-me-mys’… Good lord, am I turning into one of those people?

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out of do you know the tower near you is a TMO tower and not one of the other carriers? and are the connection issues only while you are home or when youre out and about as well? and did you get a new device from TMO or bring over one from ATT?