home internet congestion poor speeds covina

  • 23 June 2021
  • 3 replies


my download speeds vary from 1 meg to 72 meg after midnight

upload speeds are always higher.


my passcode changes like their underwear


tech support is useless. they keep making excuses for poor

customer service

anyone else in covina ca ?



3 replies

Same issue here. 4 bar antenna connection down load speeds under 5 in the afternoon. So slow its not usable.


Have had a good experience in one home, placed it in another home and it’s been very disappointing. The customer service on the internet side of Tmobile has been terribly disappointing they need to move it back on shore and tell the offshore staff to not talk down to people and try to understand the issues cause their are many from billing to reliability.

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Location and device can make a huge difference.

Typically in Santa Clarita, I have very few issues, speeds from ~50Mbps to 800Mbps on 5G.

The biggest issue that I end up having, typically ends up being on fringe 5G with good service on 4G LTE.  Poor signal on 5G can effectively bring your service down to sub 3G speeds at times.  Since not all sites are 5G, you may often have slower than normal speeds.

I agree with your issue of  CS…. ask for ‘technical support’ in Colorado Springs (they handle LA area).. not sure if it will help.  Worst part, their IVR doesn’t work for PIN that T-Mobile makes you put in for security, meaning you have to verbally give it … for off shore.