home internet suddenly very spotty

  • 10 December 2021
  • 2 replies


Over the last couple of days our home internet has gone from good to awful... Restarting the router multiple times an hour is the solution to get internet to work for less than 30 minutes...  Never able to get more than two bars on the meter but hasn't been a concern in the past video and internet always ran smoothly but the last couple of days have been really poor...  Seems to be bleeding over to our T-Mobile phones as well was wondering if anybody else is having this problem in Southwest Florida .. Naples area

2 replies

I’m having the same issue in Greenville, South Carolina. Beautiful service, then suddenly it’s awful.

Same issue here in Pomona Park, Fl. Internet service very, very slow to point of be unusable. The hotspot on my cell phone also seems to be affected but not quite as bad. Started around 07-18-2022