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  • 6 January 2021
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live out in rural Medina county 78056. Have a professionally installed cell phone booster. Get great speeds on my Verizon phone with it.  However according to the installer I am missing tmobile band 46 by 200 feet, live in a little knoll.  When close to booster antenna i see band 66 but speeds are arounf 3 Mbps in the morning and drop to dial up at night. The Tmobile app also sees band 2. After I moved booster antenna to other side of house. Speeds of 5 Mbps now but lots of jitter but latency not as bad but signal is only good on app.  Should the cell phone booster cause the latency and speed issues rhe celll teks guys recommending shielding the Tmobile lte unit from cell phone bosster of trying to Lock it on another band. 

please advise. Verizon will not sell me home internet as they have no 5g plans way out here. 



7 replies

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In rural Medina Co, Texas (vice Ohio) you’re going to need to rely on T-Mobile’s coverage maps because both CellMapper and RootMetrics just show coverage along the major roads through Hondo.

I’m not sure if you meant band 41 or 66 but you won’t find band 46 outside of very urban settings.

T-Mobile uses bands 12 and 71 for rural coverage. Neither of these provide blazing fast speeds as the bandwidth is too low. One problem with T-Mobile’s wireless ISP offering is that (AFAICT) none of the modems they offer have external antenna jacks. So they are dependent on whatever signal is in the house.

One of the best ways to improve the performance of a cell booster is to raise the antenna. It’s hard to comment on your specific setup as we don’t know the location or how the components are arranged. If it’s professionally installed, I assume you’re getting everything possible from the unit.

You could just hold out until StarLink becomes available.


Thanks I probably heard them wrong. Depending on signal strength would you prefer a boosted very strong  band 66 signal or a weeker band 2? Now that booster is moved lte device can see band 2 but only good range. I’m off 1283 if that helps 

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It’s hard to say. One thing you want to be sure of is that there is an RF separation between the outside unit and the indoor unit, Or window vs inside, as the case may be. The part that receives the signal from the tower can’t be within range of the part that rebroadcasts it inside the house. There’s a very tall tower located near the intersection of 1283 and 2720 that has multiple bands.


So the booster antenna to the cell tower is mounted on roof and the inside antenna is in the attic. The lte device is on the same side of the house as external antenna but about 25 feet from internal booster antenna and on a different flloor.  Its weird but the closer I  put the lte device to booster antenna the slower the connection but the stronger the signal. Any thoughts?

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……..Its weird but the closer I  put the lte device to booster antenna the slower the connection but the stronger the signal. Any thoughts?

It can be a case of, yes, the signal is stronger but as you put the LTE phone/modem closer to the inside antenna, it’s also closer to the antenna on the roof and you’re getting interference. What’s the roof made of? Metal? Asphalt? Etc? A metal roof will be better at isolating the incoming and boosted signals.

The reason that the installer put the outside antenna on the roof and the inside one in the attic, is that there is tremendous loss in Coax cable at high frequencies. So, the coax runs must be kept as short as possible. It might be possible to put an extended inside antenna on the ceiling below the booster and get better service. Those booster transmitters are really low powered.

One test that I use is to put the LTE device (phone/modem) on the roof and see how it performs there. If it gets a good signal then a booster might help. It not, it probably won’t.

Personally, I’d be looking for alternatives. I’ve survived 1.2 Mbps DSL and StarLink isn’t that far off.


I here you on starlink! Elon is my son’s hero. I wonder about latency we had viasat and it was an expensive failure. 


So anyone know how to get a ticket open with Tmobile, during the day, I”m getting almost 30, but by by 0900 when the kids need to get online for school, the speed drops down to 2Mbps or less. I gotta believe they can get more capacity on that Tower very easily.