• 9 February 2022
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Half the time I don't receive calls or texts, and  I can't call or text.

I switch the phone on and off, on average, 9 times a day!!!


Avoid this carrier.


My shit Verizon Family Dollar Store phone  always receive calls and texts. 

I'm going to see if I can switch to At&t or Verizon.  It's my last month with T- Mobile. 



2 replies

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avoid TMO because of what exactly? the problem cant be the device in your hand? the sim card in it? an issue with the tower that covers you? aside from restarting the phone..have you done any other troubleshooting steps? does the problem follow you if you leave that area by more than say 5+ miles? are there any other TMO devices around you? and if so are they showing the same thing or no?


might even help if you mentioned what phone you even have

T-Mobile has seemed to be horrible since they first arrived on the scene, but even after years of being out there are service is still horrible. There have seem to be no improvements to their service even in areas that claim to have exceptional coverage I am at a loss for words