Horrible coverage plus I have to be responsible for it

I would never recommend T-mobile and I am so glad I terminated my relationship with them.

First of all their coverage is horrible. I lived in the middle of Manhattan and I didn’t have coverage in my apartment!!! I think it’s unacceptable. I called for a solution and they sent me a receptor.  Two bulky boxes that barely did anything for a better signal. But the worse is yet to come. I didn’t pay attention to the terms and conditions. My fault. I can’t believe that T-Mobile’s problem of poor coverage was at my expense. With my move to Baltimore, MD I lost the receptor and never return it back so I got a charge of more than $200!!!!!

And then calling customer service was even worse. First call they told me I would get the refund even if it was my fault they understood that I shouldn’t take care of it. Second call such a disaster, specially with the manager. They lied to me about the refund and during the second call they just tell me that they understand me, that they would like to help but that the system doesn’t let them refund me. What is this answer? Is this right customer service? It doesn’t matter then to talk to a person or a machine if at the end they are not going to be able to do anything. If they understand and they agree that I should get the refund, why can’t they do it? Great customer service is taking care of your customers. Case by case customer by customer.

T-mobile has a long way to go to keep up with the other providers.

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