Horrible Coverage/Service - Spanaway, WA

  • 24 July 2020
  • 2 replies


I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile less than a year ago because everyone hyped T-Mobile! At first I was pleasantly surprised. However, the service & coverage is getting extremely frustrating and bad! I heard that they merged with Sprint! Something needs to change, otherwise people like myself will go to Verizon.

2 replies

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Any particular place in Spanway causing problems? What phone are you using? What I see on CellMapper shows pretty good service.


RootMetrics shows it pretty good too, except one area on Military Rd.


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What phones are you using? Tmobile, AT&T, Verizion and others are re-purposing 2G & 3G to 5G. Older phones and non-Tmobile phones are at risk of losing connection.

OR maybe an antenna just needs to be reworked. :hugging: